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Wedding Ideas

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LoubieLou04 Sun 27-Feb-05 21:35:46

Ok girls I need some ideas. Got a friend who has 2 kids and going to get married soon. Her and fella have agreed on a low key do just themselves, kids and poss parents. Am trying to think of some different ideas that would that would make it a day to remember and really romantic.

Dior Sun 27-Feb-05 21:38:14

Message withdrawn

Newbarnsleygirl Sun 27-Feb-05 21:40:14

Have they decided on a venue or anything like that?

Dh had this problem. We had a big fancy posh wedding booked and when I had dd I just really wanted to get married and do something low key so we went to Gretna Green.

It was great. Very romantic and Gretna Green weddings did everything for us.

LoubieLou04 Sun 27-Feb-05 21:42:57

No venue yet. Fella very shy but I think deep down my friend would like a big do which is why I'm tring to give them some ideas to make it special

moschops Mon 28-Feb-05 09:20:14

might sound cheesy but how about a theme? it doesn't have to be something ridiculous and over the top. how old are the kids?

even if they just themed it around colour and really went for, match the ties and kiddies outfits. it may not sound much but i think it all helps to make the day 'theirs' in a very special way.

and to kind of expand on Dior's idea, if the kids are old enough and interested why not involve them in a 'from my point of view' wedding. give everyone a camera (or two!) and after the day get each person involved to do their own scrapbook type wedding album. they can put little captions under the photos and stick confetti etc on the pages too.

hmmmm will have a think, these probably aren't the best ideas but knowing how creative all the other mumsnetters are i'm sure this thread will soon be full of ideas!!!

slug Mon 28-Feb-05 10:21:48

OK, you've come to the right place.

Make the invitations yourself. We did ours using Publisher and had a photo of ourselves looking happy (and very drunk) on the front.

Get friends and family involved in the practicals. I catered one sister's wedding (they had the reception at their house) I've driven cars for other siblings. My sister in law took the photos for my wedding, so they had an intimacy you don't get from a disinterested professional.

Try a Sunday wedding, they may get the venue cheaper. we had a very posh venue (Trafalgar Tavern in Greenwich) but had it on a Sunday, so came in at half the price of a Saturday wedding.

If anyone in the family cooks or sews, get them to do the cake or dress. Failing that, Marks and Sparks do wedding cakes very cheaply. I decorated ours with flowers from MIL's garden.

Disposable cameras given out to the guests get some fantastic action shots.

We chose all the music we wanted from our music collection and burned it onto 2 CDs. Whenever we want a romantic evening, it's these we get out rather than the photos.

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