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feeling pathetic and probably in need of being told to 'get a grip', but sheesh, I am bored with being an adult.....I want a mum to take care of ME for once!!!!!

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psychomum5 Thu 25-Sep-08 19:23:27

I have had enough. I am fed up with feeling like the one in charge, and just want to curl up and have a mummy to stroke my hair and tell me it is all going to be fine.

I am probably just in need of a nights sleep and a slap to get me feeling like me again, but <<sigh>> does not seem to be happening/working.

is this par for the course in parenting, to sometimes just wanna curl up and demand to be mothered yourself, or is it just me???

oh, and while I am with the whinging, is a feeling paranoia normal past teenage years, cos I feel as tho I am back at school at the mo and everyone is doing stuff without me and talking about mehmmblush

<<Might be hormones, but it is not.....NOT I tell you>>

OhYouBadBadKitten Thu 25-Sep-08 19:28:41

/hands psycho a glass of wine and runs a hot bath.

Sometimes I really wish there was a magic fairy to take over just to help a bit. And a magic wine bottle....

psychomum5 Thu 25-Sep-08 19:39:59

<<takes wine>>

yes, that is what I want too......a magic fairy.

<<sinks into imaginary bath with a happy sigh>>

Overmydeadbody Thu 25-Sep-08 19:42:12

oh god Psycho, I thought it was just me.

Sometimes I just want to stamp my foot and cry and have someone hug me and tell me it's going to be alright <sigh>

nickytwotimes Thu 25-Sep-08 19:42:54

Oh, I still want to be mothered - I think most people do. I am lucky enough to have a bit of peace once a week to 'mother' myself - just snuggling up with a cup of tea or doing some sort of comforting thing for myself. Do you ever get any time for that ? (I'm guessing not).
You sound totally normal to me in wanting that.

TrinityRhino Thu 25-Sep-08 19:44:38

I'll stroke your hair and take care of everything for you once in a while if you do it for me someimtes too grin

I know exactly how you are feeling <hugs>

psychomum5 Thu 25-Sep-08 19:47:16

OMBD.....yep, I wanna stomp and scream too!

thankgod, I am not alone in this. it really is hard being growned up isn;t it...why why why did I want it so badly when I was smallhmm?

nicky, I don't really get it. the kiddies are at school now, but there is so much to do most days I feel guilty for the time I sit down.

KatyMac Thu 25-Sep-08 19:49:30

Me too

I have a cold

DD spent last night throwing up

I want to sleep - but can't quite catch it

I want to be looked after

KatyMac Thu 25-Sep-08 19:52:08

Sorry that wasn't very sympathetic was it? It was meant to be empathic - it just went wrong

I'll go away now blush

theSuburbanDryad Thu 25-Sep-08 19:53:56

<<strokes hair>>

There, there my lovely. You'll be up and slaying before you know it. smile

WendyWeber Thu 25-Sep-08 19:54:26

Oh psycho, I know just how you feel...not the paranoia, or not just now, but wanting a mum.

I know somebody who is in a caring profession & is a born nurturer - she is not a soft touch by any means, but nice and kind & efficient (& caring) - I once had to go to her house with a child who needed her services & she was so lovely & gentle, & her house was so lovely & grown up, & I just sat there watching her really wishing she was my mum (tricky, as I am older than her grin)

MadamAnt Thu 25-Sep-08 20:14:17

I was thinking exactly your thoughts earlier today. I was fantasising about a retreat for Over-Burdened Mothers where you go and get gently bossed around by matronly women, told to eat up all your vegetables and tucked in bed for a story and an early night.

psychomum5 Thu 25-Sep-08 20:16:29

<<allows katy to share with the hair stroking from urbandryad>>

aww.......'fanks urban. I needed that. and yes, my slaying abilities will be up and running again soonwink

wendy....tis hard isn;t it....needing the nurturing.

<<curls up under urbans soft gentle stroking>>

psychomum5 Thu 25-Sep-08 20:17:17

yeah madam......I wanna be tucked in too.

DanJARMouse Thu 25-Sep-08 20:21:47

I soooooooo want this.

I quite often stamp my feet at DH and tell him I want to be looked after.... usually ends with him stroking or brushing my hair (love it) making me a cuppa and then stroking my face til I fall asleep!

But I soooooo know where you are coming from on the paranoia side - I forever feel like I am being talked about and things being done without me (by a certain person mind you)

BCNS Thu 25-Sep-08 20:21:49


< joins in on hair stroking and tucking in with a bed time story and adding soft motherly words of " everything will be okay">

Mercy Thu 25-Sep-08 20:22:07

My mum has always said that every mum needs a wife. Some would consider that old hat or eve derogatory but I understand what she means.

I'm not a huggy person but have a collective mumsy hug from me.

And an early night with a cup or glass of something, in ironed bed linen with your favourite book/Radio 4 in the background.

KatyMac Thu 25-Sep-08 20:26:05

Thanks for sharing - so I was insensitive....I'm about to have melted chocolate on a crust of bread - which will make me feel better (ish) btw that's not an ordinary crust of bread but a homebaked first slice cut crust of bread wink

Do you want some?

psychomum5 Thu 25-Sep-08 20:28:34

<<grabs plate and hands over for crusty bread>>

<<basks in sympathy from everyone>>

OhYouBadBadKitten Thu 25-Sep-08 20:31:51

I'd love someone to brush my hair.

Sidge Thu 25-Sep-08 20:57:17

Oh me too please.

Tell you what, I'll mother you for a bit then you can do me, how does that sound?

I never really had a mumsy mum and at the ripe old age of coughity cough I am yearning to be mumsied.

KatyMac Thu 25-Sep-08 21:00:31

My bread was slightly anticlimatic - a cold makes things taste funny

Notquitegrownup Thu 25-Sep-08 21:03:05

Me too. Me too.

I used to suffer particularly when picking up ds from his wonderful grandmothery childminder. She always had an immaculate house (her dh used to pop home and clean the kitchen floor for her in his lunchhour!!!) and the evening meal on cooking for her dh and dcs, whilst we collected the kids. It always smelt wonderful and reminded me that I would never again walk into an immaculate house, where the meal was all ready to go on the table, just as soon as I had had a nice warm shower . . .

psychomum5 Thu 25-Sep-08 21:23:05

we should start a support group of sharing in mummying everybody in turns.

<<snuggles up in a warm toasty fresh bed while my new 'mums' brush my hair/read me a story/make me a hot milky drink>>

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