Children's TV programme 'Crush': havent seen it but it sounds horrific

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soyabean Wed 19-Feb-03 20:22:25

I saw part of a trailer for this, a new kids' TV prog that looks like mini Blind Date, with 3 girls and 3 boys (they looked about 9 or 10)trying to guess who has a crush on who, answering questions about each other etc. Call me old fashined, but I am really shocked. Apart from anything else, how embarassed will the participants be in 6 months time? But thats a side issue, it is criminal, IMO, to put this on TV. What do you all think?

Chiccadum Wed 19-Feb-03 20:28:07

To be honest I haven't heard of it but from how you describe it, it isn't something that they should be encouraging young children to participate in, don't the producers realise how easily upset children are and how much they could be picked on.

But apart from the producers, surely the parents are partly to blame, because, as I'm sure you will agree I would NEVER let my children do anything like that.

GeorginaA Wed 19-Feb-03 20:33:00

Like most of these "reality" TV shows it's probably highly scripted and populated by "wanna be on TV no matter what" types (or in this case by kids whose parents want them to be on tv no matter what...) Agree that it sounds highly dubious though.

Chiccadum Wed 19-Feb-03 20:44:36

It makes you wonder what sort of lengths some parents will go to to get their children on television. I would never put my children in a situation where they could be humiliated later on.

soyabean Wed 19-Feb-03 20:58:34

Yes, who can the parents be, who would let their kids be on this? You're right, GeorginaA, its that 'I just wanna be famous' thing, isnt it. (Doesnt matter what for)
The trouble is, I can see that it could appeal to that age of child, my dd is nearly 8 and I think she'd say 'yuk' but be fascinated really.

Ems Thu 20-Feb-03 08:45:01

I THINK this programme was made a while ago, and then they couldnt air it, I think it was around the Holly and Jessica time, they didnt feel the timing was appropriate.

But I dont think ANY time is appropriate.

Lindy Thu 20-Feb-03 10:01:16

Absolutely agree, I too saw the trailer last night & was really shocked, but again ..... who are the parents that would let their children go on these types of shows? Presumably the same as the ones who let their children stay with Michael Jackson.

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