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If I had one piece of advice..

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JiminyCricket Thu 25-Sep-08 16:06:14

..check your security. We were burgled (not too much taken as burglar disturbed midway) while we were in the house. Look to have: Good outward signs of security like well bolted garden gates, dead locks instead of yale locks, not leaving keys, bags and valuables near back door, lock your important documents away. I know this is all obvious, but learn from my mistakes!

And if I had another piece of advice..don't expect insurance companies to cover anything and don't phone them unless you intend to claim because the phone call will register as a claim and bump your premium up with them or on competitors quotes. Ugh.

ComeOVeneer Thu 25-Sep-08 16:08:59

SO sorry to hear this. It really feels like to space has been violated, and worse that you were there at the time. We have very good security (however that didn't stop me leaviing the back door from the playroom into the garden open all night last night blush

JiminyCricket Thu 25-Sep-08 17:33:12

Thank you x

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