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KarisTiasMum Wed 24-Sep-08 23:25:13

me and DH just opened the back door and heard a scream which sounded like a balloon deflating...

our cat had a frog in her mouth, and it was screaming!

such a weird noise... and i never new frogs made any noise other than the usual RIBBITT!

just thought i would share that with you! very interesting!


wabbit Thu 25-Sep-08 01:47:28

Yes... they scream

did you save it from detestable cat behaviour?

KarisTiasMum Thu 25-Sep-08 16:00:25

yes we did! poor little thing! we googled it and apparently they scream and cover their eyes!
very interesting... poor frog x

smugmumofboys Thu 25-Sep-08 16:02:53

Oh yes. Our (late) cat was a frog killer. It was a bit of a shock. Poor frog ended up very much deceased underneath a chair in the living room.hmm

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