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biglips Sun 27-Feb-05 12:32:48

baba is 4.5 months old and ever since she was a baba ive always used Pampers. i noticed she had "paper cut" scratch on her thigh, i put it down to the sticky tape must've of been rubbing on her leg, only to find out exactly what it was causing it. it was the elastic bit on the edge on inside of nappy bwtween her legs?!.. the "paper cut" scratch bled abit... do i put up with it or not?

collision Sun 27-Feb-05 12:35:03

Absolutely not!! Call the helpline and tell them and they will send you some freebies and you can tell them how cross you are!

Change to Huggies and pass on the freebies! Poor dd

duster Sun 27-Feb-05 13:00:40

Without wanting to start a nappy war , switch to Huggies. Much softer.
And yes, complain to Pampers.

blueteddy Sun 27-Feb-05 13:06:27

Definitely complain to pampers!
I complained to them when one of the tapes was missing from one of ds1's nappies & they sent me a £20 voucher!

blueteddy Sun 27-Feb-05 13:07:34

Pampers premiums are much softer.
You can buy some of them with your voucher!

biglips Sun 27-Feb-05 13:33:48

thanks everyone

Blackduck Sun 27-Feb-05 13:34:17

Personally find both Pampers and Huggies are not very absorbent (had to thrw all ds's clothes in the was three times last week...) ues 'own brand - boots are good

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