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Before I go in guns blazing...tell me.....where do I stand...

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shhhh Wed 24-Sep-08 07:51:00

Dishwasher broke around 3 weeks ago,blok came out within days..pump gone. Dh saw hm and asked if it was worth fixing of just buy a new ne iykwim...they suggested fixing it, call out was £75 and pump would be around £70.

Now firstly my run in with this company came when the part was in stock...took them a week to fit it (give a shit attitude etc..)

It was fixed yesterday.........they wanted £130 and I paid it thinking dh was fine with this price...turns out he was told above and we could have just bought a new dishwasher...lesson learnt...

I did a wash last night.......IMO NOTHING HAS CHANGED! angry

Now, im will call them as soon as the phone lines open BUT aibu to cancel the cheque payment till this is rectified on the basis no more will be paid by me as I can see them saying "oh x needs replacing as well" thus costing us more....

what would you do..?

tia x

WingsofaAngel Wed 24-Sep-08 08:14:19

I think I would be inclined to cancel the cheque.

So was the call out £75 and then £130 to fix it ?

I would also contact trading standards if they don't make things right.

shhhh Wed 24-Sep-08 08:23:54

woaa, yes thats right..tbh I should have questioned the 130 yesterday but we are in the middle of removations to the home and I never really thought about wha I was paying and had paid, I guessed as dh had seen the call out guy last week and had requested the part he was fine with the fee....turns out dh was told last week it would be all in at £90.....

Annoys me more that its still not working as Im asking myself, have a had a part replaced that was working..and how much more now to sort it. I won't pay a penny extra.

forevercleaning Wed 24-Sep-08 08:27:37

angry for you here! I hate those situations. If it was a cheque, then I would phone the repairers and say that your dh had different quote etc. give them a chance to rectify it (doubt they will) then if no joy, cancel the cheque.

Problem is they will tell you they cannot come out for so many days, during which time the cheque has cleared, so you need to decide this morning if you are to cancel it. It will cost something to do that, i believe around a tenner is it?

balmain Wed 24-Sep-08 08:32:48

So call out was 75 quid, pump about 70 which comes to 145 quid. They said they'd do it for 90 all up then charged 130 all up - is that right?

shhhh Wed 24-Sep-08 08:33:29

I havd just rang them and spoke to a manager, they are speaking to the engineer and will call me within 30 mins..hmm.
I have told him, Im unhappy with the price and now the fact it doesn't work.
I have told him I will cancel the cheque and he never disputed it etc..
I will cancel it now as they need to sort the dishwasher and if they don't I will get a new one....they can have the part back as the dishwasher is no good now..

shhhh Wed 24-Sep-08 08:36:11

balmin,it was £75 call out and 1st hours labour which we paid last week...this part needed ordering and dh was told around £90 inc VAT and no labour as already paid in 1st fee...

Bloke yesterday charged and extra £130. So we have paid £205 in total....

forevercleaning Wed 24-Sep-08 08:38:35

blimey shhh - you could have got a new one, the cheeky bastards, hope it all sorts itself out.

shhhh Wed 24-Sep-08 08:42:47

exactly ! our thoughts as well !

shhhh Wed 24-Sep-08 10:40:29

Right, have spoken to them and they claim the price I have paid is the price they pay for the part etc....
Im not disputing that as such, just at the fact that I would rather someone had told me when the part was ordered that the cost was £x and if I wanted to proceed me thats good customer services.

Anyway, he seemed oblivious to the fact that the dw is still faulty!. He apparently needs to speak to the guy who booked my appointment re the charges..goodness knows why..hmm and that will be over a week as he's on hols! BUT will get an engineer out to sort the dw further..

I have told him the cheque is cancelled and to come and collect the part and I will start from scratch again..this time buying a new dw..

He's due to call me back to confirm this.

Im so naffed off at companies lack of cs these days...

JacobsPrincess Wed 24-Sep-08 10:44:44

Aah, the good old "he's on his holidays til next week" line!
Cancel that cheque now.

shhhh Thu 25-Sep-08 14:47:46

Thanks for the advice everyone.

The cheque was cancelled yesterday morning and the company were advised.
They were also told to come and remove the part they fitted and to cancel the whole job.

An engineer came out this morning,all sorted and he even took my old dishwasher outside ready for the new one we have ordered and will be delivered saturday. smile.

Happy ending. smile.

WingsofaAngel Thu 25-Sep-08 14:54:35

Glad you got it sorted.

Happy New Dishwasher to you.

wehaveallbeenthere Thu 25-Sep-08 15:00:51

Yes, happy nd to you. Make sure when you get it they test it before they leave. Just to make sure it is fitted tightly, no crimped lines etc. Do get the workmans name too...just in case.

shhhh Thu 25-Sep-08 20:44:38

Its not coming from a company who will fit it..its being delivered and dh will fit it...

God help us grin.

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