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Meeting new people - not necessarily men!

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sparkybabe Tue 23-Sep-08 10:34:40

I am on the way out of my marriage of 15 years. I don;t work, so don't tend to meet new people in the normal way. I still do the school run everyday, but only talk to the mums I know, although I do 'know' lots, to just chat to for 5 minutes. I would like to go out of an evening, just to a local pub, (not nightclubs!) but all my friends/acquaintances/other mums are either married or single mums (so can't always get babysitters) or boring and don't go out! I go out about once/twice a month to the local, but I'd like to do it more, say once a week. I don;t drink that much, just want to talk to other people, maybe flirt a bit, maybe dance if there is music.
How can I meet other singles to go out with? I DON'T want another relationship, just a bit of fun. Would you go to the pub on your own? I know that in America it is OK for a lone woman to sit in a bar and no-one thinks bad of her. I always think a woman on her own in a pub is a bit game, which I am not. Or am I old-fashioned? Its beena while since I was 'out there'.

Do you go out on your own?

WilfSell Tue 23-Sep-08 10:38:11

How old are your kids? Best way to meet people would be to get yourself a job. Or do a course. Or get involved in volunteering.

sparkybabe Tue 23-Sep-08 10:46:43

DC range from 15 down to 9. I am trying to get a job, but couldn't do full-time. There have been a lot of redundancies round here lately, so there are loads of people looking for jobs.
A course is a good idea. I could brush up my computing.

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