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Where to find large size sleepsuits age 5-6??

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mamadadawahwah Sat 26-Feb-05 19:06:57

I have been searching on ebay for large size sleep suits (my son has grown out of size 3-4 though he is only two. Anybody got any ideas where to get such a thing cheaply. Anybody make them themselves?? I have a sewing machine, i might just have to do that. They are so expensive.

HappyMumof2 Sat 26-Feb-05 19:08:12

Message withdrawn

Lonelymum Sat 26-Feb-05 19:08:18

I thought I saw some in M&S recently. Have you tried their website? My MIL made some for my children but they weren't as good as shop ones (but maybe you are a better seamstress than my MIL!)

soapbox Sat 26-Feb-05 19:13:09

Woolworths fo them - mainly the fleecy ones.

I also got some from mothercare for my DS(5) this year. One of them is really nice - made to look like a racing drivers suit.

mamadadawahwah Sat 26-Feb-05 19:13:54

no, i will try M&S and redoute. Thanks! Its a good business to get into though for someone who is handy with their hands!

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