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DUCINS~1 what is this? It keeps coming up on my screen when connected to internet

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Branster Sat 26-Feb-05 17:27:50

Could someone enlighten me please?
In the last week or so this screen keeps coming up on my computer. It has a black background and looks like an MS DOS kind of window. the title at the top is DUCINS~1 and the window itself says 'Auto', the trest of the window itself is blank.
I've run a virus check and couldn't find anything.
Is it a spyware or something? i always have the firewall on from Norton .
I'm rather worried.
I looked in find files on the computer and nothing came up for this name.

lou33 Sat 26-Feb-05 17:31:39

maybe this would help?

Branster Sat 26-Feb-05 17:33:13

thank you gorgeous lou33. will read it tonight. that is the one!

lou33 Sat 26-Feb-05 17:34:35


Branster Sat 26-Feb-05 17:37:54

oh, you're a start lou 33!
However after I get it sorted, I'll tell DH that I came up with the solution myself

lou33 Sat 26-Feb-05 17:46:11

absolutely, you must

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