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Please spare a thought for my friends baby

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sweetkitty Sat 26-Feb-05 17:06:42

One of my best friends had a baby on Thursday her third a girl by C section. She hasn't had the best of pregnancies had loads of bleeds, bad backache and diabetes. She was praying to hang on until 38 weeks so she could go to term, during the section they nicked the placenta and the baby lost a lot of blood resulting in trauma to some of her internal organs. They pur her on a respirator in SCBU to support her breathing and her condition was critical but stable yesterday. Today I had a text message from her hubby saying they had the baby christened and it's not looking good.

The thing is her first baby was an emergency c section due to a placental abruption at 33 weeks. She was told then her baby might not make it but he pulled through and is a lovely 8 year old now. Her second boy was also heading for an abruption but they got her in time although he has a condition affecting his immune system and has spent loads of time in hospital (he's 4 now and getting better).

On top of this she has had loads of troubles with her hubby and they two of them got back together and were delighted to be having this little girl.

I so so feel for her I'm too far away to go and see her I am in bits for her, I've got everyone I know praying for this little baby girl to pull through she's just got to. It's makes you realise how lucky we are sometimes.

SleepyJess Sat 26-Feb-05 17:09:12

Am thinking positive thoughts.. and prayers Sweetkitty. And praying for a miracle. My DS pulled through when I didn't think he could.

((hugs)) Keep us posted

SJ x

mrsflowerpot Sat 26-Feb-05 17:10:14

oh how awful for them, they will be in my thoughts.

stewarty Sat 26-Feb-05 17:29:48

I work in a Scbu in ITU and everyone there will be pulling out all the stops and doing their absolute best for your friends little one!!It will be a really tough time regadless of the outcome and although It's hard sometimes the big bad world is just too much for some of these special little people!I hope for a positive outcome ,the best thing you can do is let her know you are there for her even though you're far away.She will know everyone is praying for them all.Babies are incredible and never cease to amaze me daily at work,keep hoping!!!!

SeaShells Sat 26-Feb-05 17:32:54

How awful it must be for them

Sending them positive thoughts.


MARRA Sat 26-Feb-05 18:30:42


NomDePlume Sat 26-Feb-05 18:38:22

I wish them the very best.

bensmum3 Sat 26-Feb-05 21:57:01

Sending a special prayer for this family and their little girl tonight,and hugs to you sweetkitty !

whymummy Sat 26-Feb-05 21:59:15

how sad i hope she makes it

Toothache Sat 26-Feb-05 22:00:34

Aw sweetkitty - How awful. Everything crossed for the wee soul. If it's any comfort, my friends DD was born flat. She had swallowed meconium perhaps days before she was born and all her organs were poisoned and failing. They had her christened on the 2nd night. She came home after 5wks... and is now a feisty future girlfriend for my ds!

Keep us posted.

Blu Sat 26-Feb-05 22:02:01

Oh, poor little love.

RTKangaMummy Sat 26-Feb-05 22:07:34

sending positive vibes and prayers +++++++++++++++

moondog Sat 26-Feb-05 22:12:41

Oh yes, thinking of them all too.

shazia1 Sat 26-Feb-05 22:13:16

I hope she is ok, I pray as a muslim for her suaghter, She will be ok ,,,,
I lost a son 3 yrs ago 10 days old and it is the most heartbreaking thing you can go thru,,,,I have two gals now but you never forget......but i hope this is never an expereince anyone goes thru................

sweetkitty Sat 26-Feb-05 22:53:01

Just spoke to my friend on the phone how can I find any words of confort for her tonight, what can you say? The babies heart is failing and there's little hope her organs are shutting down.

The docs messed up somewhere along the line the registrar shouldn't have been doing the section it should have been the consultant they cut through the placenta despite the scans and the baby lost 70% of her blood. Her kidneys have shut down and her blood pressure keeps dropping. I don't understand how this could have happened in a routine section on a 38 week baby who was 7lbs 6ozs.

moondog Sat 26-Feb-05 22:54:58

Levanna Sat 26-Feb-05 22:56:35

Sweetkitty, that is so very sad. Love and wishes for the Little One, and thoughts with your friends, their family and you. xx

Levanna Sat 26-Feb-05 22:59:20

Sweetkitty, Xposted. Regarding that this is all due to an error of some kind.... words really do fail me.

I'm so sorry.

shazia1 Sat 26-Feb-05 23:05:46 comments just be strong.....................................

WestCountryLass Sat 26-Feb-05 23:09:59

Poor wee sausage, I am hoping for a miracle, bless her * tears * (((hugs))) to you and to her parents and family

kimbie Sat 26-Feb-05 23:20:20

Bless her sweet heart.Sending Positive vibes there way.{{{{{cuddles}}}}}}

Jimjams Sat 26-Feb-05 23:34:21

I'm praying for a miracle as well.

coppertop Sat 26-Feb-05 23:38:48

Praying for a miracle.xx

JanH Sat 26-Feb-05 23:41:40

I don't understand either, sk. This is awful. Hoping for a miracle here. XXX

ghosty Sat 26-Feb-05 23:43:47

My thoughts and prayers are with your friend and her family sweetkitty, and you too {{{{{{{{}}}}}}}}

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