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Gardener's question time

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Carla Mon 17-Feb-03 10:10:21

Apologies in advance for this having nothing whatsoever to do with parenting, but I wonder if there's anyone out there who can help?

I bought some bulbs back in September when I thought I'd have time to plant them out. Now everythings coming up I thought I'd better get them in quick, but they've all started to sprout. Is there any point in planting them out now, or should I just bin them? The bulbs are bluebells and grape hyacynths. It seems a pity to bin them but I don't want to waste all that time if I've left it too late.

Any advice gratefully received.

Jaybee Mon 17-Feb-03 10:37:24

What have you got to lose? You are probably too late for this year and they may not flower this year but they may grow next year - if the choice is plant them or bin them I think I would plant them now and see what happens.
Looks as though I am not the only one who the lovely sunny weather yesterday made to feel as though Spring is just around the corner. It was great yesterday to get some time on the garden.

jasper Mon 17-Feb-03 21:05:45

Carla, plant them.
Ther is a very good chance they will bloom in early summer.

suedonim Tue 18-Feb-03 09:14:27

Definitely plant them - as Jaybee and Jasper say, you've nothing to lose. For now, I'd just dig two reasonable sized holes, one for each different type of bulb, and stick them in together. Then you'll know which have survived. You can move them into their final positions when they've finshed flowering or in the autumn. Another idea is to pot them up and bring them indoors to flower then replant in the garden later on.

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