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WideWebWitch Sun 16-Feb-03 21:53:47

Nothing to do with children, but is anyone else going to watch the new series? We realised after watching every episode last time that we'd been watching *every* Sunday for 6 months, which is not like me.

emsiewill Sun 16-Feb-03 21:58:15

Not me, but dh is fairly foaming at the mouth with excitement. I'm still getting over the anguish I siffered when I forgot to tape an episode for him (back in the days when it was new, and BBC Choice had only just decided to repeat episodes, and then overtake BBC2)

Nutjob Sun 16-Feb-03 22:34:17

aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, mustn't read this, me and dh are just watching the dvd's of the first series, and are having to tape this one and stick our fingers in our ears, close our eyes and go 'La, la, la' every time there is a trailer, just hope we can pull it off!!! MMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Keifer Sutherland - drawl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

bossykate Mon 17-Feb-03 06:50:16

yes! completely missed the first series so will be on the lookout for the next one. great idea, nutjob, we could catch up on what we missed.

SoupDragon Mon 17-Feb-03 09:15:21

I'm with Nutjob on this - we've got about 6 hours to go of the first series and are having to tape the start of the second!

I MUST resist looking at this thread again...

sis Mon 17-Feb-03 14:17:35

I've got 24 hours of the first series on dvd - I'll never catch up!

Enid Mon 17-Feb-03 14:38:36

Does anyone know if its repeated

Lucy123 Mon 17-Feb-03 14:41:54

Enid - if last year is anything to go by, they'll do a catch up day of the first 4 episodes in a couple of week's time.

enjoyed the first two episodes anyway - but I was a little bit upset about the political undertones (to do with arabs, terrorists and unnamed countries). Still, it's current.

WideWebWitch Mon 17-Feb-03 15:08:21

lucy123, we watched both last night too. Agree, it's current alright.

Moomin Mon 17-Feb-03 16:30:57

The last series was already made when Sept 11th happened so this series is bound to use the change in political climate to its advantage. I spose they did make some concession with the girl investigating her future brother-in-law when her sister accused her of being prejudiced - but then it looks as if he might be a baddie anyway, just to live up to her racism! You never know with 24, tho. It'll probably turn out that the sister's the baddie and the bloke's in league with Jack Bauer's lot.
Dh and I talked about our commitment to this programme again for another 6 months; but seeing as we commit 2hrs a week to Corrie, I don't spose there's much difference.

zippyb Mon 17-Feb-03 18:09:33

Throughly enjoyed last series & stayed awake for most episodes!! I am not a evening person & once DS is asleep I am usually out for the count! Stayed awake last night to DH surprise - might have something to do with the main character....!

jasper Mon 17-Feb-03 20:56:08

watched it last night as a concession to dh who adored the first series.
Could not get past my irritation at the choppy camera work.
I dislike that sort of cheap production trick . I got the point it is fast paced in the first minute and found the constant switching of camera angles quite irritating.

willow2 Mon 17-Feb-03 21:04:57

funny how one (wo)man's meat is another man's cheap production trick. I think 24 is superbly filmed and edited.

Crunchie Tue 18-Feb-03 09:19:19

Can I ask a huge huge favour here, as I am sure no-one would do this, but please please if you watch the episode on BBC3 before it's on BBC2, don't let anything out

DH and I were glued to our seats last year and tempted every week to watch the next episode, but didn't as we enjoyed the wait (in a perverse kind of way), this year hopefully it will be the same.

My only compliant was the over use of mobile phones in the last series, as everyone knows you cannot get reception like that, and there is no way a battery would last that long!!!

Clarinet60 Fri 21-Feb-03 16:22:20

I liked the camera stuff too, willow. I was gripped by the little-girl-with-violent-dad scene. Absolutely shocked and riveted. I think I'm still post-natal, as I can't even watch the news at the moment because of the aids stuff. I actually feel something coming loose in my head when it's anything to do with children suffering.

Nutjob Mon 17-Mar-03 08:54:25

Well, dh and I are finally up to date, and I am down to just one episode a week now - boo hoo!!! May I just say Kiefer is looking as buff as ever. PHWOARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

Clarinet60 Mon 17-Mar-03 13:15:59

Yes nutjob, he just gets better as he gets older, doesn't he? It was a tossup which to tape last night, as it clashed with cold feet.

Nutjob Wed 26-Mar-03 10:03:40

Does anyone know if the BBC2 episode of 24 is repeated during the week? My dh says he was too tired to concentrate last Sunday, and wants to watch it again in case he missed some vital piece of information.....and I'm certainly not going to complain!!

Snugs Wed 26-Mar-03 11:08:33

Not repeated during the week - but every third week or so they do a catch up night. Or he could check out the website which has an episode review 24 Review

Nutjob Wed 26-Mar-03 13:18:59

Thanks snugs!!

MABS Fri 13-Jun-03 18:14:27

Is everyone still addicted to this programme - we absolutely love it ?

WideWebWitch Fri 13-Jun-03 18:32:45

MABS, yes we are, although I left the room when Sayed (sp?) Ali's children were about to be shot, I just couldn't take it! I don't think this series is quite as gripping and I still think Kim is a silly moo but yes, we're watching.

lilibet Fri 13-Jun-03 18:38:56

So who do you not trust? I don't trust Lynn or Mike. I hate kim with a passion and thought the woman who gave her a lift on Sunday while she was on the phone to Jack (sob sob) was a star. Her expressions were priceless. And even tho' I could see it coming a mile off I thought George was a hero!

leese Fri 13-Jun-03 19:27:29

Love, love, love it - and www, don't worry - you know that was all faked and they were'nt really shot don't you?
Also think Kim is a total liability - why are my eyes drawn to her breast every time she does another escape scene (of which she has many) - miss her mothers flowing cardigan in this series of 24 - spent the first series willing her to take it off as it was obviously such a hindrance!

leese Fri 13-Jun-03 19:27:58

That should be breastS - she definitely has two!!!

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