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has anyone had a call from "Mobile Heaven"...? or something like that.

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cutekids Thu 18-Sep-08 10:22:11

i got a call the other day from a bloke who seemed to know everything about my mobile phone contract.i presumed-by the way he introduced himself-that he was from my "provider"(or whatever you call them).He even managed to get the first four digits of my visa card out of me....i'm usually very aware but I really did think he was from my phone company.Anyway,at the end of the call,he asked me for all my card details.This is when the alarm bells started ringing as I wasn't keen on giving them out over the phone.Turned out this is a company who offer better deals to people whose contracts are almost up.I told him-after he'd tried and tried to persuade me that this "offer"was only open up until the end of that day-that I wanted to talk it over with my hubbie first.Now,he was probably for real but I am a little wary.Anyone else had this?

ranting Thu 18-Sep-08 10:24:02

Mobile phone companies sell your details to these people and because they make money from it, they won't stop. We've had a few calls from these kinds of companies, can't remember what they were called though.

lulumama Thu 18-Sep-08 10:25:55

not had this particular one, but get loads of calls about my mobile, internet, mortgage .. all sorts.. the best thing to do, is just say,; i am very happy with my current mobile/internet/mortgage provider and won;t dicsuss my financial details over the phone, thank you' and hang up

get caller ID< so if you don;t recognise the number, you don;t pick it up

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