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Neighbours - they know too much

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kjq Fri 25-Feb-05 11:14:57

I'm fed up with 2 neighbours right now.

Seemingly they talked about me on Friday night and one was saying that my husband should've left me years ago and I'm out socialising too much (as if!!). The other one came straight round to tell me all.

I'm a bit suspicious though. She's moving house in a few months and would love for me to fall out with the other one. The neighbour who was supposed to have said all that stuff is always nice and asks to babysit all the time so i don't get it.

This morning I told the tell-tale that I'm going to confront the other but she says I've to forget about it. Is she the one telling tales?

So confused. Should I just let sleeping dogs lie?

Catbert Fri 25-Feb-05 11:28:13

This reminded me of a MN thread a while back which was on the subject of "what makes a tattle-tale?" (children obviously). It seemed everyone was in agreement that a child should probably "tell" on another child for reasons of preventing hurting, distress, danger, bullying etc, but a "tattle-tale" if they were just doing it to get the other person into trouble!

I actually think this neighbour sounds like she is stirring to make trouble. A definate tattle tale!

People gossip all the time, and even if this other neighbour holds "opinions" on your life which are ill-founded (and had probably lost something in the translation - as all gossips dramatise their version of events to make them more gossip worthy) - if she likes you and is pleasant and you are to remain happy neighbours for the time being, I would ignore this other woman.

The fact you say "she cam straight round to tell you" means she sounds like she likes to stir things up a bit!

secur Fri 25-Feb-05 11:32:20

Message withdrawn

kjq Fri 25-Feb-05 11:32:43

thanks Catbert, but what do I do with the 'tattle-tale'? She's round most days.

Catbert Fri 25-Feb-05 13:48:37

well - if she's pleasant enough company, then just keep her for the other gossip you don't mind being party to - but perhaps tell her (if she starts telling you other stuff that the neighbour has said, you should freak her out a little by saying "I think I'll go round and have it out with her, and mention what you've said" and I bet you she will suddenly go "OOohhh don't do that - erm, um" (awkward shuffling) and you'll see if she has the courage of her convictions. If she's definately after you falling out with your neighbour, then try and reverse engineer the situation by going round and telling the neighbour about how she's been breaking confidences with her by blabbing to you (without mentioning extactly what) - either way, it will serve her right for malicious gossip - and you might get to set the record straight for the existing neighbour.

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