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Baby Girl's Name

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tilly08 Thu 18-Sep-08 00:41:51

Hi, I'm trying to choose between 3 names at the moment for my little girl who is now overdue! - Madeline (Maddie), Chloe or Narva. Her middle name will be Grace and the last name starts with L and goes with all three names well.
I've always loved Maddie, I think Chloe is really cute and I love Narva because it's unique but not too 'weird'. It also has the best meaning out of the three (beautiful) but I keep coming back to Maddie.
Any ideas on how to make a decision!?

nooka Thu 18-Sep-08 00:50:55

I suspect Maddie may be quite popular, but if it is the one that you like best then you should go for it. I've never heard of Narva.

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