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i think this poem is very appropriate for a lot of us!

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i was just reading another thread about a wohm beng criticsed and sahms are too and i just thought of this poem...

Everybody's Mother by Liz Lochhead

Of course
everybody's mother always and
so on...
Always never
loved you enough
or too smothering much.
Of course you were the Only One, your
a machine that shat out siblings, listen
everybody's mother
was the original Frigid-
aire Icequeen clunking out
the hardstuff in nuggets, mirror-
silvers and ice-splinters that'd stick
in your heart.
Absolutely everyone's mother
was artistic when she was young.
Everyone's mother
was a perfumed presence with pearls, remote
white shoulders when she
bent over in her ball dress
to kiss you in your crib.
Everybody's mother slept with the butcher
for sausages to stuff you with.
Everyone's mother
mythologized herself. You got mixed up
between dragon's teeth and blackmarket stockings.
she failed to give you
Positive Feelings
about your own sorry
sprouting body (it was a bloody shame)

but she did
sit up all night sewing sequins
on your carnival costume
so you would have a good time
and she spat
on the corner of her hanky and scraped
at your mouth with sour lace till your squirmed
so you would look smart

And where
was your father all this time?
at the war, or
in his office, or any-
way conspicuous for his
Absence, so
what if your mother did
float around above you
big as a barrage balloon
blocking out the light?
Nobody's mother can't not never do nothing right.

SorenLorensen Wed 17-Sep-08 21:36:09

I love that last line - I'm adopting it as my motto. Great poem.

Jackstini Wed 17-Sep-08 21:37:32

Like it MMS grin
You could put various MNers against each line...!

cheesesarnie Wed 17-Sep-08 21:40:08



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