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biglips Thu 24-Feb-05 21:09:00

my dp's dd is age 6 in 2 weeks time and i have known her since she was 2. ever since her mum told her that she was having a baby (when dp's dd was 4) she had started to wet the bed when she stay here for the weekends (every fortnight), before that she was always dry. For the past 2 yrs we make sure she goes for a long wee before she goes to bed but still wets the bed, tried the plastic cover sheet but it went stale so now she wears night time pull ups since last sept. (she told dp last year that she wears pull ups for years at home and had just stops wearing them couple weeks ago !). she have her last small drink an hour before she goes to bed. its still no improvement since ive had baba last oct.

Do we carry on with pull ups and hopefully she stops wetting her pull ups overnight?

bubbly1973 Thu 24-Feb-05 21:15:17

biglips, same thing happened with my sil, however her eldest son was about 10 when he started wetting after years of being dry

did the usual, not telling him off, going for proffesional help, less drink, but nothing worked

it was by sheer luck that my sil was reading a womans magazine and someone wrote in an article about a product in boots

so my sil bought it, and it really did work!! but she is absolutely furious that she had to fork out for it, and even more annoyed that the doctors didnt know about it in the first place!!

i am in no way trying to sell you this product, and i dont even know what its called, but if you are interested, next time i see my sil i will ask her what it was called if you like

good luck

biglips Thu 24-Feb-05 21:38:10


biglips Thu 24-Feb-05 22:16:42


toomanypushchairs Thu 24-Feb-05 22:23:52

wonder what kind of product bubbly1973 talking about?

biglips Thu 24-Feb-05 22:24:26

i wonder myself - a magic wand !

biglips Thu 24-Feb-05 22:24:41

from the harry potter shop !

toomanypushchairs Thu 24-Feb-05 22:29:40

can't really help you but wonder is it really a problem her wearing pull ups? I remember when I was young my brother wet his bed for years, am sure it is very common, people just don't like to say. My dd 10yrs is going on school journey and at the meeting about it they were saying if any child is a bed wetter don't worry they could deal with it, so obviously it does happen.

biglips Thu 24-Feb-05 22:34:40

no problem with her having pullups but she stopped wearing nappies at a normal age and for a year and half she had a dry bed at our house then when her mum told her she was having a baba, thats when she started wetting the bed at mine. Her mum took her out of nappies and straight into pullups (not teaching her to use the loo before going to bed).

toomanypushchairs Thu 24-Feb-05 22:51:31

sounds like this must be something to do with it,

biglips Thu 24-Feb-05 23:11:24

wha, her mum not teaching her?... ill just have to wait wont I to see if she grow out of it

bubbly1973 Fri 25-Feb-05 12:59:40

biglips, if all else fails, the product im talking about is one from boots, its not cheap, and it may not work for you but its to do with waking them up in the middle of the night

i think theres wires you attach to the body, and at certain times of the night they get woken up to go to the loo..i think the idea of this is that your body never gets into such a deep sleep that you cant wake up when you need the loo

and no its not a majic wand!!

biglips Sat 26-Feb-05 10:51:22

should her mum take her to docs about the bedwetting prob or just leave it?

bubbly1973 Sat 26-Feb-05 13:33:14

i personally wouldnt leave it too long, its been left 2 years and she is still wetting the bed, so perhaps it would be a good idea to look into it

do you get on with dh's ex, would she get funny with you if you mentioned that she takes her dd to the docs?

from my sil's personal experience, going to the docs didnt really help her ds much, but each case is different and maybe it will help in your case...i hope it does

lou33 Sat 26-Feb-05 14:53:25

they dont tend to do anything until the child is 7 in my experience

marthamoo Sat 26-Feb-05 15:17:05

Bubbly, sounds like you are talking about an eneuresis alarm - you don't need to buy one from Boots, you can be provided with one on the NHS. Lou is right though, your GP is unlikely to refer you to an eneuresis clinic 'til the child is 7. I have a thread on this as my ds1 was a bed-wetter. Hang on, will find it and post a link.

marthamoo Sat 26-Feb-05 15:20:20

I can't find my original original thread about bed-wetting but here's my thread after we got the eneuresis alarm -


bubbly1973 Sat 26-Feb-05 15:43:21

marthamoo, had a quick read of your thread, has the bedwetting stopped now?

my sil will be very annoyed if i tell her that she could have got this alarm on nhs (although im sure she did ask the doc first before buying it..maybe i am wrong)

i wont tell her, no need, her ds has stopped wetting the bed, and i know at the time my sil said it was the best buy, because she saved a fortune in the long run on washing

lou33 Sat 26-Feb-05 15:47:35

3 of my four children still wet themselves at night

bubbly1973 Sat 26-Feb-05 15:56:35

lou33, thats a lot of washing then

do you just get on with it, or does it get you frustrated?

it must be more common than many parents let on, my neighbour said her dd still wets the bed, she is about 8, i know that she wears like a nappy in bed

lou33 Sat 26-Feb-05 16:01:54

my bedwetters are 12, 8 and 4

the 6 year old has been dry for a couple of years. Have tried everythgin on 12 yr old, to no avail.

bubbly1973 Sat 26-Feb-05 16:05:20

have you tried that alarm? i only think its the best thing since sliced bread as i saw my sil going through it with her ds, and like i said in my first post she had tried everything and just didnt know what to do, and then the alarm worked

maybe she was very lucky that the alarm worked? who knows

lou33 Sat 26-Feb-05 16:07:58

yes we have, woke everyone else in the house who ran screaming into us, and dd1 slept soundly through it

bubbly1973 Sat 26-Feb-05 16:09:09

oh well thats just typical isnt it

biglips Sat 26-Feb-05 17:32:37

well i leave it for another year and then ill mention it to DP if she still doing it.

As for me, i know exactly what she is going thru as i used to wet the bed and i didnt stop till more or less i was 18 - im getting abit embarrased now, and i dont want DP's DD to go thru it. i had a bladder infection since from the age of 5 as mum noticed my wee smells weird and my tongue was blistered or summat, so hossy said got a water infection which i was proned to, plus me was being a heavy sleeper i didnt feel anything till i woke up, ive tried the bed wetting alarm, getting up in middle of night (when i was younger), had tablets, blah, blah, blah and all didnt work, till i left home - must've of coz i was relying on my mum alot to wake me up - i really dont know so its been 10 yrs i last done it.

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