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Minor car accident, but now changing insurers, need advice please?

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PavlovtheCat Tue 16-Sep-08 20:07:18

DH reversed his car out of a side road to avoid a car travelling at speed towards him. It was a tight road full pf parked cars and as he reversed back he did not see a car travelling behind him, across the road he was coming out of.

He did not hit the car badly, and he took responsibility immediately. The other person said that she was happy for him not go through insurers as damage was likely to be less than excess anyway (anticipated to be £150 damage, perhaps as high as £200) They swapped details and she said she would call once a quote had been given.

Anyway, that was about 3 weeks ago, and she for whatever reason has taken her time about getting a quote. DH and her DH have been quite amicable about it.

Her DH called and said they have got 3 quotes so far, from dealers rather than mechanics and they have all quoted in the region of £700, which is significantly higher than anyone thought. He is going to try to get some more quotes from independent mechanics and will get back to us but it wont be until week after next as both he and we are away. Anyway, it does seem that we will be going through our insurers after all (although we had a quote for £800 for clutch replacement at dealer for our car, local clutch care garage did it for £250, so it is possible to get a reduced quote, just not hopeful).

In the meantime, our insurance is due to end at the end of the week and we are about to purchase a new car (Friday) and will be changing insurers.

So, how we do go about claiming on the insurance, if it has ended, as the accident occurred whilst the insurance was active? Will we need to put in our claim either now or not at all? As I am guessing we can't claim on our new insurance as it will not have been active when the accident occurerd, and for a different car.

falcon Tue 16-Sep-08 20:22:21

You're right you won't be able to claim on your new insurance only on the old, I'd put the claim in now.

If you wait until your new insurance begins it will look rather suspicious to your old ins co.

PavlovtheCat Tue 16-Sep-08 20:26:20

falcon. I thought that might be the case. Crap, its going to put our premiums up and we will lose our no claims bonus, never had an accident sad which is why we were going to bypass the insurance.

But if it is not a small amount of money, we need to do insurance sad

Thanks for replying.

georgimama Tue 16-Sep-08 20:28:40

If you are going to be making a claim, is it really to your benefit to change insurers for the new car - I had a claim a while back but when I came to renew my insurance had still gone down because I had gotten older. A new insurance company might not be so helpful.

PavlovtheCat Tue 16-Sep-08 20:37:43

Our current insurers are offering a high amount. Long story, we went through an online broker who got us a good deal last year, this year, they were unable to get this 'deal' they are offering another £350! or the option of another insurance company. They don't say why, just that this is now the best deal they can get. The new car will be even higher to insure, so we went elsewhere and got a better deal than with our current car on this insurance.

That probably makes no sense whatsoever hmm grin.

How much will insurance go up with 3 years no claims lost? (we have not been driving that long)

PavlovtheCat Tue 16-Sep-08 22:59:02

Oh god I am furious. It is going to cost us our NCD, plus the excess, we are looking at it costing us about £600! So, either way it is going to cost us a LOT of money sad.

For a small fucking ding at 5 mph sad angry sad

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