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what on earth are we going to do today???

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nailpolish Thu 24-Feb-05 08:16:52

me, dd1 and dd2 are stuck indoors cos of the weather. help!

when dd2 goes for a nap me and dd1 are going to make cupcakes, but what else will we do today? if she had her own way she would watch telly all day, if i switch it off she goes nuts.

oh yeah, just remembered ive got dd2's imms at noon. aaargh! ill have to push a buggy through 5" snow!

oh hurry up summer

Juliehafrancis Thu 24-Feb-05 08:20:42

What age are your kids nailpolish?

nailpolish Thu 24-Feb-05 08:21:07

hi julie

2.4 yrs and 4 mths

winnie Thu 24-Feb-05 08:22:02

nailpolish, you have my sympathies. I am stuck in with one child today after a day of being stuck in yesterday. It is going to be a long day. Am thinking of wrapping up and taking ds on a needless bus journey just because he loves doube decker buses... how sad is that?

nailpolish Thu 24-Feb-05 08:23:40

my dd1 loves that too, going on buses! i would do that but its just too much bother with dd2

Juliehafrancis Thu 24-Feb-05 08:27:40

How about having a teddy bear/dolly's picnic for lunch? She could spend ages choosing her fave teddy's and dollys..making sure they're comfortable etc while you get some lunch and then put the rug out and have some fun.

After that while you're clearing up you could make a tent with two chairs and a long throw or rug and give her some teddy's and a torch?

You could do a messy picture? Cover the floor with newspaper and lots of white paper and let her put her feet in the paint and you can have lots pictures with her footprints - it's especially good fun if you put a cd on and dance away! Just remember to have a towel. She could help you do your little's one's feet and hands also?

Making pictures for friends and family? Or making an invitation for one of her friends to come for tea and then looking through the recipe books for something that she could cook for her friend?

Do some baking?

Sorry probably rubbish idea's. Will try and think of some more. Hope the day goes okay for you!

Jules x

nailpolish Thu 24-Feb-05 08:30:45

i love the tent thing - will defo do that one. she loves torches. going to get the teaset out too - these are things we can all do.

i dont have any paint in the house but if im going out to the drs at noon i might just see if the corner shop has any

thanks v much julie!

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