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challenge: how to celebrate anniv cheaply

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hazlinh Thu 24-Feb-05 07:10:23

as am not in uk, any general ideas wd be good. am ruling out a weekend away as dh cant get leave, and anyway we stay in a lovely place as it is, just need to pack dd off to the mil's!

oh and we're on a tight budget. he's suggesting a romantic picnic at a waterfall or river somewhere..any other ideas?

zubb Thu 24-Feb-05 08:28:32

picnic sounds good, or cook a lovely meal at home for the two of you.
Will you both have the day off? if your dd is away then a long lie in / leisurely breakfast / lunch out etc would be great - unless you get to do that kind of thing already in which case I'm !

hazlinh Thu 24-Feb-05 09:01:25

no we never get a long lie in...even naps are a thing of the past!! so that would be good....

collision Thu 24-Feb-05 09:09:18

Where do you live?

Turn off the phone and the alarm clock!

I would buy in some croissants and orange juice and have a big pot of coffee ready for breakfast after a long leisurely lie in.

Then get ready for a nice lunch somewhere that you wouldnt normally go as you have a dd, whether that be a pub, restaurant or just a romantic picnic. Chicken, fresh bread, tomatoes, fruit salad and a bottle of cold white wine. A nice rug and a CD player for music.....bliss!

Then back home for some luuuurve! and a DVD and an early night! Am planning my anniversary now!

Bibiboo Thu 24-Feb-05 13:38:42

Maybe recreate something you did on an early date..?
*Rent one of the first films you saw together
*Recreate at home the first meal you had together
*Put a mix-tape/cd together for him of the songs that you both liked/were around when you first met etc
*Gather some of your fave photos of your relationship and put them in a small album with special messages on each page
* A thank you card with a lovely romantic message in, thanking him for all the little, seemingly insignificant things he's done for you over the years

Hope that helps, even if it's taken as a list of mushy things to avoid!

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