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Did anyone else ever play Charlie's Angels when they were little? Are are you all far too young....?

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PuppyMonkey Fri 12-Sep-08 14:24:32


I was always Sabrina as she was the "intelligent" one - and also had the same haircut as me.

Interestingly, all my mates wanted to be Kelly, as she was considered the prettiest. Not Farah.

Wonder what the modern version of playing at Charlie's Angels is? CSI...?hmm

DoubleBluff Fri 12-Sep-08 14:27:56

Iwas always Chris- was that Farrah?
Always thought Sabrina was a bit boring, sorry !!
No on ewanted to be sabrina on my yard!
We used to do the back to back stance and point our guns saying' Chrs, Kelly , Sabrinaa!'
AAhh the memories! LOL!

MerlinsBeard Fri 12-Sep-08 14:30:24

i don't know what Charlies Angels isblush

suzywong Fri 12-Sep-08 14:31:10

Oh yes we did
me and Michelle Tooth and Alison Barclay, they were both blonde so I alway got to be Kelly

It mainly involved having flicks, doing high kicks and point fingers like guns around corners

When the plot had run out, we used to go and play elastic with the big girls

PuppyMonkey Fri 12-Sep-08 14:31:57

MoM - what not even the (appalling) modern films with... thingy off wotsit and Drew Barrymore and her off AllyMcbeal? shock

DoubleBluff Fri 12-Sep-08 14:33:33

We also used to play 'Grease' and i used to get to be Frrenchy! Wanted to be Rizzo tho!

Buda Fri 12-Sep-08 14:34:40

I was Kelly.

suzywong Fri 12-Sep-08 14:34:46

oh yes Grease too!

I used to be JT and Sally Woods was ONJ and we used to do One That I Want in the playground
I had these black cords from M&S and thought I was IT

southeastastra Fri 12-Sep-08 14:35:29

yes i can't remember who i was probably sabrina too though other friends were blonde i was mouse.

my nephew (now 20) once told me they played jerry springer at school

PuppyMonkey Fri 12-Sep-08 14:36:32

Oh yes, I was ONJ too! And if ever there was an opportunity to be a vet in something, that would be me too. grin

We also went through a phase of playing at Brotherhood of Man - when they did that little dance to Kisses for Me. blush

PuppyMonkey Fri 12-Sep-08 14:37:29

Jerry Springer!!! S'pose it would be Jeremy Kyle today.

DoubleBluff Fri 12-Sep-08 14:38:50

Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys was always a good gmae too!!

midnightexpress Fri 12-Sep-08 14:42:08

Oh yes indeedy. In Grease though, my friend Amanda Stephenson's dad bought her the soundtrack album and so she always got to be Sandy. Unfortunately, at that age I had not yet learned that it would have been far cooler to be Rizzo anyway. Also unfortunately, Amanda (her album, her rules) insisted that one of us had to be John Travolta.

frumpygrumpy Fri 12-Sep-08 14:46:06

PMSL, not just as a kid, I used to play it going down the stairs at work with a colleague grin We'd hold our guns up and creep round corners, covering each other all the way to the bottom.

That and bouncing up and down in the lift to feel the lift yoyo up and down. It was scarey but only 3 floors high so...........

PuppyMonkey Fri 12-Sep-08 14:48:02

Frumpy - you're not in the police in RL are you? grin

hazeyjane Fri 12-Sep-08 14:48:12

I was always Sabrina in charlies Angels, Frenchie in Grease and was going to marry Starsky.

midnightexpress Fri 12-Sep-08 14:48:57

Oh gosh yes hazeyjane, if only to get a go of his cardy.

dalek Fri 12-Sep-08 14:49:38

Played Charlie's Angels and The Bionic Woman and (oh the shame) crossroads - "Crossroads Motel Can I help you?"

frumpygrumpy Fri 12-Sep-08 14:50:06

grin <<shyly kicks the floor>> nope, it was just gun fingers........

PuppyMonkey Fri 12-Sep-08 14:50:29

I preferred Hutch actually. Went off him when he started singing. shock

hazeyjane Fri 12-Sep-08 14:50:54

I blame my 'big cardy' addiction on Starsky!

frumpygrumpy Fri 12-Sep-08 14:51:04

Oh yup The Bionic Woman. I played that with my big brother. He, naturally, was The Bionic Man and we could jump off the bunk bed and everything!!!

bobsyouruncle Fri 12-Sep-08 14:51:24

Oh yes, I was Sabrina, my sister was Chris and her friend was Kelly. It was the only game I was allowed to play with them, becasue they needed a third angel!

PuppyMonkey Fri 12-Sep-08 14:51:47

Frumpy, what a shame. I do like the idea of RL police going round pretending to be Charlie's Angels, creeping round corners with their firearms...

frumpygrumpy Fri 12-Sep-08 14:52:28

<<faints at Starsky>>

We even made the noises and ran in slow motion re: Bionic.....

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