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Time saving tips - a collection thread!

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posyhairdresser Tue 22-Feb-05 16:48:04

I am desperate for some tips on how to save time or manage my time better!

I reckon that between us all we probably have ALL the answers!

Here is one of mine - Always go shopping with a list - I find this is more efficient and gives you a sense of achievement as well!

...More please!!!

doggiewalker Tue 22-Feb-05 16:49:44

Get clothes out of the washing machine asap to stop them getting more creased, and use a tumble drier where possible, then fold up the clothes neatly, really half the clothes don't need ironing then.

Bozza Tue 22-Feb-05 16:50:16

Bath/wash/teethclean/dress children together.

Double cook meals and freeze half.

Don't go on Mumsnet!

CrazyandConfused Tue 22-Feb-05 16:50:36

I always do my shopping online so I never, never spend time trying to search for what I need

Twiglett Tue 22-Feb-05 16:50:48

Put your children to bed in their clothes for the next day, saves time and washing


charliecat Tue 22-Feb-05 16:52:46

After washing bedlinen fold the quilt up and pop it inside the matching pillow case and it means that you dont have to rummage to find the pillow case to match the quilt cover.
Also if your going upstairs take something up with you and vice versa(we have piles at the top and bottom of the stairs!!!)

RTKangaMummy Tue 22-Feb-05 16:52:52

Not start on mumsnet until you have done



prepared evening meal

played with children


etc etc

Do as I say not as I do

jessicasmummy Tue 22-Feb-05 16:58:01

in that case kanga - mumsnet wouldnt have any people to make it a sucess!

JoolsToo Tue 22-Feb-05 17:01:16


all you could wish to know

RTKangaMummy Tue 22-Feb-05 17:02:48

I deffo do not do any things on that list

That is what DH is for

The only one I do is play with DS

posyhairdresser Tue 22-Feb-05 17:20:43

Joolstoo that list would add time to my day if I need to clean all the floors daily

posyhairdresser Tue 22-Feb-05 18:18:47

Spend less time worrying about self-actualizing

knot Wed 23-Feb-05 10:53:46

get the breakfast stuff ou the night before

Gwenick Wed 23-Feb-05 10:57:32

Teach your 4yr old to tidy up their bedrooms after he and his 14 months (well actually I guess he's near 15 months now ) have trashed it.

Set 'days' to do certain jobs - I change the bed linen on Wednesdays (oops that's today!), wash the kitchen and bathroom floors on Thursdays, Hoover the entire house mondays (downstairs gets done intermittently during teh week depending on how bad it gets), wash clothes everyday

posyhairdresser Wed 23-Feb-05 13:25:24

The "certain days" idea is a good one

Twiglett Wed 23-Feb-05 13:28:15

I have a set day too .. Wednesday .. that's when the bathroom and downstairs loo gets cleaned, kitchen gets cleaned, floors get mopped, ironing gets done

(its also when my cleaner comes )

Bozza Wed 23-Feb-05 13:32:34

of your cleaner.

MistressMary Wed 23-Feb-05 13:33:25

Leave the pc off.
Buy a steamer to cook meals in and a slow cooker is handy too.
Do things that need doing straight away.
Organise things in advance.
Have days marked for different things.

Gwenick Wed 23-Feb-05 13:36:15

having 'certain days' certainly helps me - even if I feel like I've got LOADS to do as long as I do my 'set items' for the day I don't feel too bad. So if on a friday upstairs is ccovered in crumbs I just say 'sod it' until the monday

Branster Wed 23-Feb-05 13:37:46

sort out any kind of paperwork at least once a week during the evening.

make a list of necessary phone calls you need to make (i.e to your bank, clinets, school etc) and don't use the phone more than neccessary. IMO texting is just as time consuming so stick to e-mails or face to face communication.

prepare all clothes and handbag, school bags the night before

put it away after using it (and that goes for the rabbit too )

have a shower rather than a bath

buy any services you can afford (car wash, ironing, cleaning, take aways etc)

Twiglett Wed 23-Feb-05 13:39:33

makes up for me not having a tail Bozza

northerner Wed 23-Feb-05 13:40:21

Clean the bathroom whilst kids are in the bath
Do Supermarket shopping online

acnebride Wed 23-Feb-05 13:40:26

don't bother peeling potatoes. i think that all types of tatty dish taste better with the skins on, especially mashed.

Gwenick Wed 23-Feb-05 13:44:04

but getting a takeaway takes longer, on average, than me cooking it, by the time you've decided what to have, called up, ordered it, waited for 30 minutes or so I could have cooked up a meal!

Lucycat Wed 23-Feb-05 13:44:29

Have to agree with the shopping online! I have just placed my very first order with Tesco (so excited)- I am no longer a virgin!! MUCH nicer than dragging dd2 round the shops, and it seems to be cheaper too as I've not been tempted by the yummy looking cakes! now let's just hope it arrives on time tomorrow

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