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YOUR opinion on Double Strollers...HELP

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livysmum Mon 08-Sep-08 21:34:53

I have a 2year old, JUST turned 2 and a baby due in 2 days.
My question to you mums is did you find a double stroller was useful? WE have found one for a good price and everything. I'll be the one home with the kids and running chores and stuff so I can see where it would be handy but would like some input from other mums of two.
Thanks a bunch

Nbg Mon 08-Sep-08 21:37:41

Well I had my ds2 when ds1 was 15 months so we really did need one.
Ds1 turned 2 a couple of weeks ago and we still really need it.

Tbh I can forsee us using it for at least another year.

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