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can't access paypal on my applemac - help please

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shrub Mon 21-Feb-05 21:04:01

didn't have this problem with a pc, but since i've had applemac it just produces a blank paypal frame with the logo, nothing else.can't access anything including the help page. any technical whizz out there?i was using aol and now using yahoo - both with no success.
please be gentle, i'm so rubbish at this - i'm just so grateful that i can get on mumsnet

alibubbles Tue 22-Feb-05 15:12:06

Hi, mac user here! Which browser are you using? I have swapped over to Safari rather than IE as I found IE made Mumsnet 'hang' or if I scrolled down through the messages it froze at the same point each time.

I can't get into on a mac, unless I use a different browser. I have stopped using outlook express as I was having problems with emails.

Macs are fantastic, virtually virus proof, but can be sensitive little flowers. Probably their way of telling not to use suspect or vulnerable applications.

Try it and see, good luck!

PS I use paypal for buying and have just sold loads on Ebay for the first time!

SofiaAmes Wed 23-Feb-05 00:31:24

shrub, agree with alibubbles. I mostly use safari too (because ie on osx didn't work with mumsnet), but occasionally have to use ie for things (like royal bank of scotland online banking!).

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