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Sending a high value cheque to the Inland rev.

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slotnicki Mon 21-Feb-05 20:47:56

I've got to send a cheque for over 100k to the Inland revenue - I hasten to add it's not my money but is coming out of my late Great aunt's bank account to pay the inheritance tax.

The Halifax won't do an electronic transfer - don't ask me why - they can't tell me! Short of gettting on a train to the tax office in Nottingham (quite a long way from London), what do you think is the safest way of getting it there!


KatieMac Mon 21-Feb-05 21:48:54

Can't you go into your local tax enquiry office and pay it to them getting a receipt.

IR is nationwide (as it were) and accepts money from anyone......... They don't normally mind where from.

wobblyknicks Mon 21-Feb-05 21:51:46

My sis is with Halifax and recently had to transfer about £80k over to her solicitor (just bought a house) - she did it over the phone and they let her but for some reason she had to do it in two lots of about £40k.

cornfield Mon 21-Feb-05 21:54:13

you could pay it in over the counter at a Post Office if you have a paying in slip(they may need to do a few phonecalls as it's a lot of money).

SueW Mon 21-Feb-05 21:59:51

How do Halifax deal with mortgages then, if they can't transfer sums of £100k+? I would ask them that!

Alternatively I'd just put a cheque in the post. Ask the IR how it should be made payable to ensure it can be accurately placed against her account e.g. you might have to make it payable to 'INalnd Revenue ref 12345678' or mark an account number elsewhere on the cheque.

Or, if you have a demand, you can pay using the bank giro credit at the bottom of the demand using a cheque drawn on the appropriate account.

FWIW, the IR offices in Nottm are very close to the train station - in fact you pass them as you pull into the station. On a good deal ticket, it might cost you less than the electronic transfer fee!!!

SenoraPostrophe Mon 21-Feb-05 22:06:46

Ouch! I would get one of those big cheque thingies and get a tax officer to come out and pose for a photo if it was me.

cheque by registered post?

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