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what games/activities at dds 1 st birthday party ideas needed asap!!!!

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hayley2u Fri 05-Sep-08 14:27:50

ok booked the hall, booked a bouncy castle although if it rains they say they may have to cancel. i have children from 0-7 coming party nad many adults. i am doing a little buffet for food, but how else do i keep the children entertained without breaking the bank, my friend s little girl is also 1 the same week as mine so we are having a joint party, does anyone have ideas?

S1ur Sat 06-Sep-08 02:29:05

For a first birthday you needn't have anything other than a new place and some push about toys, some food to chuck about and ball pool.

However, are you anticipating catering for other older children?

I would keep it focused on your (and your friends) dc. SO CALM.

Get hold of a colourful parachute and a bubble machine. PLay games involving wafting parachute.

So they can sit underneath, they can sit on top while you all swish it up and down. you can give rides to very small children in the middle and adults round outside holding parachute up tightly and lifting off the ground - do round and round the garden and turn them round. and peekaboo by very briefly closing parachute and opening. List is endless.

As a nod to other guests do pass the parcel, and dance and freeze games - your 1yos will prob laugh at funny dancing.

And relax grin

Waxinglyrical Sat 06-Sep-08 02:52:55

Also you could set up some sort of craft table, make a party hat works well. Put down cut out card hat templates, crayons for smaller people, stickers and sparkly bits for older people. don't forget selotape to fix hat when decorated.

And also instead of faffy party bags, unneccessary at 1st birthday, have a lucky dip for older dcs as 'going away' present. wrap sides of open topped box in wrapping paper, fill with little toys like musical whistles and bouncy balls and chocolate and lots of shredded coloured paper.

UmSami Sat 06-Sep-08 04:09:44

The parachute is a great idea, as is the bubble machine...a big piece of lycra type fabric also works well...stick a bag of ball pit balls on the top and keep them on the fabric/parachute whilst wafting up and for bigger kids and mums and the littlies love to watch the balls, crawl under the fabric, help bounce the balls on the fabric and retrieve any strays...
Filling a biggish paddling pool with balloons can also be can those balloon netty things that you fill with ballons, pull a string and they all come floating down from the ceiling (think you can get them at toys-r-us...pain to put up though.
And dont underestimate the power of a good old nursery rhyme, the action ones are fun, perhaps with shakers or drums for the little ones to can always make your own if need be...empty soft drink bottles filled with rice or dried pulses as shakers, and drums can be made from M&S's yummy chocolate crispy cake, flapjack tubs etc...good excuse to pig out too!
I agree with SLur, focus on the 1 year olds...its their birthdays after all!
Have fun!

hayley2u Sat 06-Sep-08 18:24:33

wow some brilliant ideas, love the idea of the craft table, my oler son is very into his arty things at the will keep them busy.the parachute is good idea too,thank you xx

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