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countdown champions

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allatsea Tue 11-Feb-03 20:06:20

My mum and dad are avid countdown viewers. They went on holiday before the champion of champions final shown on Jan 25th and failed to set the video. Does anyone know who won?
If I have to have another conversation with my mum with her saying 'i think the fellow who won was very tall' i'll go mad!

willow2 Tue 11-Feb-03 22:04:15

It definitely wasn't the really young bloke as I happened to turn on just as he was knocked out.

musica Tue 11-Feb-03 22:39:35

It was the 18 year old who knocked out Julian Fell - can't remember his name, but he wore very bright shirts, and Richard made a big thing of this. He was very tall also!

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