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9 year olds party

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Sallyallyally Fri 05-Sep-08 09:23:07

Help! Lovely DD is turning 9 in November and wants a party with all her friends (approx 30 kids). She is not asking for performing tigers or leaping dolphins, just good old fashioned fun. Ideas please for games, themes and a way to make it extra special for her. Cheers

murphyslaw Fri 05-Sep-08 13:21:27

We did a treasurehunt for our 9 year old. I based it on high school musical ( I know its sad).

We visited our nearest forestry - but could be done in a park?

Hubby drew a treasure map and cut it into pieces. I gave clues and challenges along the way. For each challenge completed they got a piece of the map. They luvvved it.

Some of the challenges were:

make a picture out of natural things (they made a stick picture of troy and gabriella!)

Make a boat and sail it in the stream

complete an obstacle course holding hands.

Last year when we had some sunshine we took a picnic with us.

You could of course tailor this to any environment. Its my 5 yr olds birthday next week and we are doing a similar version at a local park based on trains. Have fun. smile

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