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A new fact about yourself

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happymerryberries Mon 21-Feb-05 07:08:19

What fact about yourself have you never before posted to MN

To start us off, my late father was a trade union leader in the 70s

Earlybird Mon 21-Feb-05 07:18:15

hmb - was thinking of this idea too!

My "never before known fun fact" - I'm in the movie "Mona Lisa" for a very brief moment.

ImuststopdrinkingBlossomhill Mon 21-Feb-05 07:23:13

That I have an older brother

fostermum Mon 21-Feb-05 07:25:45

i am a quilified aromatherapist

marthamoo Mon 21-Feb-05 07:39:29

It says a lot about my MN addiction that it has taken me 20 minutes to think of anything.

I got an E in A'level Art.

marthamoo Mon 21-Feb-05 07:40:26

And I don't drink tea.

emmatmg Mon 21-Feb-05 07:57:44

Same here martha, I can't tthink of anything that I haven't already posted on here.

Errrrr I hate coffee and dark chocolate....will that do?

jessicasmummy Mon 21-Feb-05 08:04:44

cant drink wine - makes me gag!

maisystar Mon 21-Feb-05 08:08:47

i was in a train crash when i was 13.

dramaqueen72 Mon 21-Feb-05 08:16:32

That my father was in the Air force so 'grew up' (did my teenage years) in RAF germany.

Miaou Mon 21-Feb-05 08:16:54

I was on Emmerdale Farm (when it was Emmerdale Farm) for about 4 months. Don't think I've mentioned it before.

hoxtonchick Mon 21-Feb-05 08:20:28

i'm your opposite emmatmg - i hate tea.

wheresmyfroggy Mon 21-Feb-05 08:22:53

Dr pepper is my favourite soft drink

Fastasleep Mon 21-Feb-05 08:23:24

No one knows me in the first place lol.... all my facts are boring and have already been blabbed! Except that I go maaad on Fridays

emmatmg Mon 21-Feb-05 08:25:16

Ohhh oohhhhh

just thought of another one

I once met Will Smith, you know independence Day blokey. Way before his Hollywood days though.

it was at a Smash hit's poll winners party

snafu Mon 21-Feb-05 08:27:19

I was once in a corporate commercial for Appletise.

wheresmyfroggy Mon 21-Feb-05 08:28:12

My grandfather was involved in the forming of the N.H.S

Fastasleep Mon 21-Feb-05 08:32:53

emmatmg I met famous people too honest! (god it's nowhere near Friday) 2 weeks ago I walked past and sort of dozily bumped into get this 2 HOLLYOAKS actors *faints* ....maybe this crazyness thing happens on Monday too.

Fastasleep Mon 21-Feb-05 08:34:17

Oooh OOH and you know what happened like 5 minutes later as I got to Penny Lane bus stop... I saw a posh man getting out of a taxi that looked exactly like Jackie Chan! wasn't though... but still... it was excitement enough for me.....

I have gone mad..

Potty1 Mon 21-Feb-05 08:40:26

I have very curly hair.

My mum has just had a hip replacement.

I have never met anyone famous.

Fastasleep Mon 21-Feb-05 08:41:46

Don't worry Potty...I don't think hollyoaks actors count as famous...and living in liverpool we see them constantly....oooh do atomic kitten count? Used to see them lots around here too!

expatinscotland Mon 21-Feb-05 08:51:21

I have my hair highlighted b/c at 34 it's already very, very grey.

I have never been on a diet in my life.

I came here to get away from the disastrous fallout of an affair with 'the love of my life' -and found a life a love instead .

I have not lived in a detached home since 1989, when I left my parents' house for uni.

I do not have a UK driving license (hubby does all the driving in the family).

I like to wear red lipstick.

tex111 Mon 21-Feb-05 08:51:22

I met and married my husband within 8 weeks.

Toothache Mon 21-Feb-05 08:56:44

I have birth mark on my thigh that looks like the letter A, an upside B and a loveheart below those 2 letters. It is tiny, as a child I thought I was adopted and that was my 'stamp' from the orphanage!!!!

Potty1 Mon 21-Feb-05 08:58:29

Aaaw Bless, toothache

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