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HELP! Lack of sleep + eyebags down to my ankles

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sezza Tue 11-Feb-03 10:32:10

I never sleep well and have dark circles + really puffy eyes. Can anyone recommend something to help me sleep better and/or knock me out for the night (forget chamomile tea and lavendar oil - they don't work for me!) and something for my eyes to make me look human again!
I also have eczema (yes, I am wreck!!) so I can only use really mild stuff (I tried Clarins eye gel but reacted to that).

breeze Tue 11-Feb-03 12:26:14

Have you tried herbal sleeping pills, you can get some from avon as well. My dh has problems sleeping when he has an important day coming up (meetings etc etc), he tried them and they help him stay asleep until morning instead of waking in the night several times. failing that get drunk

mum2toby Tue 11-Feb-03 12:30:57

Lol Breeze.... that always works for me!

Sezza - I too have suffered from eczema (not for a few yrs however). I also suffer from a food intolerance and have to take antihistamines. Whilst I was pregnant I couldn't take my normal tablets so was prescribed Phenergan. It is an antihistamine that is also used as a mild sedative and a anti-nausea drug (good for morning sickness too!!).

Back to the point..... it totally knocked me out so I could only take it in the evenings. Very effective!

sezza Tue 11-Feb-03 12:40:37

Thanks Mum2toby. Can u get them over the counter?
+ thanks Breeze, can u recommend any in particular?

mum2toby Tue 11-Feb-03 12:45:57

I don't know if you can buy them over the counter, but if you ask for Piriton (another antihistamine), it does the same. Better check that it's ok for you take them though. I'm asthmatic too (honest... I'm quite healthy!!), and they are safe for me to take.

Nytol is a herbal over-the-counter sleep enhancer. You can buy them in Boots and most of the big Supermarkets.

Good Luck!

Demented Tue 11-Feb-03 13:28:21

The Bodyshop does a nice eye cream (don't know it's name) and a concealer called Lightening Touch that is really natural looking and works with any skin tone, I believe it is a copy of some really expensive stuff. I think the Bodyshop stuff is generally OK for people with eczema, have one or two friends with eczema who use Bodyshop products.

Not as exciting but I believe drinking loads of water helps too.

Honeybunnie Tue 11-Feb-03 14:17:08

Try a good massage from your dp should help, as it really relaxes me.

A hot bath (not too hot because of your eczema) and hot mug of coco.

I don't know a lot about lotions and potions...sorry.

prufrock Fri 14-Feb-03 21:44:05

Darphin do a fabulous gel - Fibrogene contour pour les yeux. V. pricey, but really does work after a few days, and it's hypo sensitive.
For knocking you out try aromatherapy associates deep relax bath oil. You can get it from Space NK and big dept stores but tell them you have already used the light relax - this stuff is so potent they ration it. Put a couple of capfuls in your bath, and make sure dp checks your not asleep in it after 20 minutes.

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