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Is it snowing anywhere?

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sievehead Sun 20-Feb-05 16:27:58

just wondered - still waiting for the white flake to arrive!

kalex Sun 20-Feb-05 16:29:18

We had snow blowing through here yesterday. Perthshire. and beautiful blue skies at the same time. really wierd,, but very pretty

Cristina7 Sun 20-Feb-05 16:30:24

Still waiting here too (SW London). The pavements have been gritted, I hope they knew what they were doing.

romany4 Sun 20-Feb-05 16:31:55

Its snowing here in West Yorkshire and very, very cold!

snafu Sun 20-Feb-05 16:34:35

Had a little bit yesterday (Surrey) but it didn't settle. It is b'stard cold, though.

Hulababy Sun 20-Feb-05 16:35:16

No snow in Sheffield yet, but very cold!

alux Sun 20-Feb-05 16:36:02

snowed maybe 2 inches last night and off and on today on the North East coastline. It's lying.

Tanzie Sun 20-Feb-05 16:42:57

yes, but not settling.

Snugs Sun 20-Feb-05 16:50:47

Woke to snow this morning (Hull) and it continued falling until about lunchtime - deep enough for large snowman and snow angels . Sun shining a lot this afternoon so most of it has melted now.

smellymelly Sun 20-Feb-05 17:26:12

We woke to some too. Not very heavy, never is here in Devon, but it stayed till the sun got to it!

oxocube Sun 20-Feb-05 17:27:08

mum says its snowing (and lying) in Newcastle

wheresmyfroggy Sun 20-Feb-05 17:29:08

Snowed for about 2 minutes here in sw london, crap crap crap

Leogaela Sun 20-Feb-05 17:34:52

It has been snowing and been cold enough for it not to melt in Zurich on and off since christmas. Unusual here for so much snow. I was wondering if there was any in the UK.

Angeliz Sun 20-Feb-05 17:36:51

It's been thick here all day (North-East).
DD has had a ball

jampots Sun 20-Feb-05 17:36:55

none in brum

redsky Sun 20-Feb-05 17:51:00

Bit of snow in Honiton (Devon) when we drove through there today - but none anywhere else. Never, ever get snow in our bit of Surrey

suedonim Sun 20-Feb-05 17:59:57

About 6 inches here - dd is out making snow angels again. Goodness knows how many times she's been wet today!

SecondhandRose Mon 21-Feb-05 09:50:19

Nowt in Herts.

NotQuiteCockney Mon 21-Feb-05 15:49:15

All of a sudden, it's pelting down in East London! Started as hail, but is real snow now, and seems to be sticking! Wahey! Going to be a happy afternoon for us!

NotQuiteCockney Mon 21-Feb-05 15:52:04

Grrr! DS1 (3y 5m) doesn't want to go out in it! Can I disinherit my son? He's half-Canadian, he should be running about making snow angels and a snowman!

Frizbe Mon 21-Feb-05 15:55:45

keeps having a go in Derbyshire, but too sunny for it to last! fingers x'd it drops and stays tonight.

desperatehousewife Mon 21-Feb-05 15:58:04

snowing in Brighton which is really unusual!

mrspink27 Mon 21-Feb-05 15:59:24

snowing in east grinstead! hurrah!
nbot settling yet, DH says its snowing at Victoria station in London 2

Anteater Mon 21-Feb-05 16:03:13

Hail stones in Cumbria

vict17 Mon 21-Feb-05 16:04:26

snowing in Kent now - not settling yet though

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