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Has anyone else had problems with Letterbox?

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ForeverOptimistic Mon 01-Sep-08 15:53:11

I am really annoyed with Letterbox. angry

I ordered some knights and accessories for ds's birthday recently and paid an additional £5 on top of the standard delivery to guarantee delivery in time for ds's birthday. A huge parcel arrived but when I opened it there was a tiny package inside which wasn't even for us anyway and a delivery note stating that my order was out of stock! hmm I phoned Letterbox and was told that they would reimburse the delivery charge. As yet they still have not done so.

A couple of weeks later I receive one of the two items that I ordered but when dh went to assemble it the screws were missing so he could not actually put it together.

I sent an email complaining and I asked for the screws and delivery charge to be reimibursed as a matter of urgency. They have acknowledged the email and said that they would reply within 24 hours but I have still not received a response and my original email was sent nearly 2 weeks ago! angry.

I am going to get on the phone to them now and find out what they think they are playing at!

As anyone else had problems with them?

MilaMae Mon 01-Sep-08 18:53:45

Oh yes had a nightmare involving pirate ships last Xmas very similar to you,would never order from them again.

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