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stupid photos..tearing my hair out.

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nightowl Sun 20-Feb-05 03:56:10

spent hours tonight, washing, cleaning and setting up all the baby things i want to sell and taking photos with the digital camera. spent hours trying to get them into some half decent excuse for a document in the dreaded microsoft works. finally thought it was reasonable enough to pass around to friends and tried to print it out...oh big mistake. they dont look like photos anymore and are brightly coloured, with lovely "blazes" on the shiny floor beneath the items. so what did i do wrong then? grumbles...this never happened with word on my old pc. printer had photo cartridge in and was set to "photo". they seem ok if i print them directly from the folder..aarrrrrgggghhhhhhh! help someone, its ten hours work gone down the pan.

Bibiboo Sun 20-Feb-05 18:28:49

can't actually help but would like to send big hugs - it's awful when it all goes to sh*t.
hope someone comes along soon who can help.

nightowl Sun 20-Feb-05 19:56:55

bumpity bump anyone!!

marthamoo Sun 20-Feb-05 20:13:49

Can't help you with rescuing the photo's I'm afraid - but if you want to have another go I would advise doing it in bright daylight, without flash if possible. If you can't do it without flash and the floor is causing a bounce-back of the flash, try photographing them on a plain background - I use a cream coloured bedspread for my ebay photo's. Clothes in particular are very hard to photograph - but I do mine in the kitchen (brightest room), in daylight, and on a light background and they are OK. HTH.

SenoraPostrophe Sun 20-Feb-05 20:16:17

some MS (sorry, M$)programmes "compress" images when you copy and paste - it sounds like that's what's happened, although I don't use Works so it could be there's a weird setting going on somewhere.

Is it a proper photo editor in works or just the word processor?

nightowl Sun 20-Feb-05 20:35:08

i dont think its the camera as when i viewed the photos (and tried it direct from the photo folder) they are fine, and print out fine. im sure its something to do with the programme im using. (ie works rather than word). is there another programme i can use which allows photos and text?

nightowl Sun 20-Feb-05 20:36:26

getting peed off because i used to do the advertising for my company and never had this bloody problem!!

SenoraPostrophe Sun 20-Feb-05 20:41:26

You could try using Outlook Express - that usually allows you to paste images fine - if it has the same problem then it'll be a weird setting somewhere.

Better still, use a DTP programme - don't know the names of the cheap ones, but you sometimes get them on the covers of magazines.

SenoraPostrophe Sun 20-Feb-05 20:42:08

Or is there an "import photo" thingy in Works?

nightowl Sun 20-Feb-05 22:52:25

really not sure about works, did moan about it last week when i realised it wasnt just the latest thing! i havent used it much you see other than to type letters but really felt like a complete amateur last night! i find it very awkward to use for anything other than letters. have used in past windows 3.1 (or something) 95, 98, nt, xp and never had this much hassle!

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