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My mum isn't well and I'd like to send her a little cheering up present, but I need some ideas.

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Nbg Sun 31-Aug-08 17:01:50

Basically she's just about to be diagnosed with Rheumatoid arthritis. Its taken a long time for the Dr's to recognise the level on pain she is and therefore its delayed tests and any treatment she had needed.
As a result she is getting very low as she cant do very much because of the pain and is in bed alot of the day.
Understanably she is very bored. My mum is one of these people that likes to keep busy. She normally plays the piano but can't because of the pain in her neck, reads but shes bored of reading constantly now I think and her and my dad have an allotment but again she cant deal with that because of her swollen joints and pain.

So can you see my problem? grin
I want to get her something that she can do or to stop her from being so fed up and bored.
Any ideas because I have none!

Majorca Sun 31-Aug-08 17:08:40

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Underachieveranddamnproudofit Sun 31-Aug-08 17:09:25

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

stretchmarkqueen Sun 31-Aug-08 17:09:28

A manicure? (mobile)
A pedicure? (mobile)

Am i on the right track?

Nbg Sun 31-Aug-08 17:11:13

I know, I was thinking of "to do" things but she just cant do them.

CD isnt a bad idea really. I'd have to have a good think what to get.

lilolilmanchester Sun 31-Aug-08 17:11:25

Audio books? Aromatherapy kit?

Nbg Sun 31-Aug-08 17:12:42

Well she doesnt know how to knit, I think?

Manicure and Pedicure is a good idea but not sure if she can bear people touching her atm.

This is really hard!

Underachieveranddamnproudofit Sun 31-Aug-08 17:14:01

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Carmenere Sun 31-Aug-08 17:14:32

I got this for a good friends bday. It is absolutely exquisitely packaged in a gorgeous turquoise and gold box.

Nbg Sun 31-Aug-08 17:17:59

lol underachiever grin

Thats very nice Carmenere. Just wondering if she could get her swollen fingers through the handle sad

stretchmarkqueen Sun 31-Aug-08 17:25:03

any dvds that she likes? What about the volunteer scheme? Befriend, or something? Somebody to chat to?

stretchmarkqueen Sun 31-Aug-08 17:28:35

Scrapbook? (that she can make)
photo album? (that you make)

Nbg Sun 31-Aug-08 17:49:19

I'm just thinking about dvds that she might like.
Scrapbook is a good idea. I could give her some photos of the kids to use.
Watercolours, not sure. My dad has allsorts of art stuff and she never uses it.

Thanks for all these suggestions. Its really helpful.

Dynamicnanny Sun 31-Aug-08 21:19:50

A scrap book would be cool maybe you could say you ahave all these photos etc and want to make scrap book but don't have the time - so she feels that she is helping you

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