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It's snowing!!!!!

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janeybops Sat 19-Feb-05 20:33:57

No wonder I 've been feeling cold. Just looked outside and it is snowing - settling a bit too!!!
Yippee, snowball fights tomorrow!

Lonelymum Sat 19-Feb-05 20:34:19

Where are you?

galaxy Sat 19-Feb-05 20:34:27

Where are you?

ImuststopdrinkingBlossomhill Sat 19-Feb-05 20:34:32

No, no, no, no, nooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!

janeybops Sat 19-Feb-05 20:35:30

west london

galaxy Sat 19-Feb-05 20:36:02

Ooerr...I'm in South West Surrey so hope it doesn't start here.

Newbarnsleygirl Sat 19-Feb-05 20:36:11

OMG, Dh has gone to work in North Yorks and they've had a bad weather warning, says there will be 10 inches by the end of weekend. He might get stuck up there!

maisystar Sat 19-Feb-05 20:36:29

there were a few snowflakes in sheffield earlier too!!

macwoozy Sat 19-Feb-05 20:36:45

I'm in Hampshire, and its really cold out, but just as cold inside 'cos the central heating has packed up

janeybops Sat 19-Feb-05 20:37:38

I'm so excited. I love it when it snows!

galaxy Sat 19-Feb-05 20:38:02

I hate snow (bah humbug)

janeybops Sat 19-Feb-05 20:48:06

Oh it's stopped now and the only snow that is visible from the window is on the cars

expatinscotland Sat 19-Feb-05 20:54:10

Snow was forecasted here (Edinburgh). Haahaa. We had a lovely, mostly clear day (although cold, but it's winter!).

essbee Sat 19-Feb-05 21:14:04

Message withdrawn

macwoozy Sat 19-Feb-05 21:15:56

Where are you essbee

Hulababy Sat 19-Feb-05 21:16:28

We have had no snow in Sheffield city centre yet.

Maisystar - you still about? Can you e-mail me your new address???? I have an invite for your DS!

essbee Sat 19-Feb-05 21:16:31

Message withdrawn

ImuststopdrinkingBlossomhill Sat 19-Feb-05 21:16:41

essbee??? You are near me aren't you?

janeybops Sat 19-Feb-05 21:17:37

hi, ohhh we are thinking of moving out to Surrey. Are you near Camberly?

purpleturtle Sat 19-Feb-05 21:17:44

Didn't see any snow in Hillsborough either - were you in Crookes Maisystar?

Hulababy Sat 19-Feb-05 21:18:25

Is katzguk about? She lives up the hill - so might have had some too?

essbee Sat 19-Feb-05 21:19:06

Message withdrawn

macwoozy Sat 19-Feb-05 21:19:50

Janeybops I'm a few miles from Camberley

maisystar Sat 19-Feb-05 21:25:58

hello hula txtd you address earlier but will email it too. ds will be chuffed!

live near hunters bar purple turtle, was a very light(about 7 flakes ) fall of snow at 5ish. got excited then it stopped!

Hulababy Sat 19-Feb-05 21:27:51

It is very cold here though. Was flicking between 0 and 0.5 degress when we were out in car earlier.

maisystar - party will be at Gymboree - not for 6 weeks yet though! Very close for you though

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