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DD2 blew me away the other day

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eidsvold Sat 30-Aug-08 11:58:25

she just seemed so together and 'mature' ( or it could just be me)

We were talking about the olympics and i said she could be anything she wanted to and perhaps she too could compete in an olympics ( big interest in olympics)

I then asked if she wanted to be a swimmer or whatever sport she wanted and listed them.

She kept saying no no no.

ANyway I asked what she wanted to BE when she was a grown up.

She turned to me and said...
"I just want to be me".

I laughed at the wise comment and thought about my 3yo who seems to have it together!!

eidsvold Sat 30-Aug-08 11:59:41

I also told her that that was a very good thing to be. She was so pleased she asked me to tell her grandma the next time we saw her that dd2 just wanted to be herself when she was a grown up.

Dynamicnanny Sat 30-Aug-08 18:38:35

Bless her

HonoriaGlossop Sat 30-Aug-08 18:49:17

AWW that's lovely! That's a girl with a good sense of self smile

Reminds me a bit of the time when ds was rising 3, he came down the stairs one sunny morning and said "AHHH! Another lovely day to be ME".

i think that sums up a toddler's life, really smile

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