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Can i take my bikini back to Oasis ....... again?

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mosschops30 Thu 28-Aug-08 10:28:46

I bought a lovely bikini and wore it in Italy in June. It rotted horrendously and the print went sticky so I took it back. They asked me if I'd ironed it (?? hmm) and then replaced it.

Just wore the new one on our fanily holiday and the same thing happened.

I always look after these things, rinse every day, hang out to dry, and handwashed when home but its still gone the same way.

Do you think theyll take it back? I want a refund this time because its obviously a fabric problem now its happened twice

AMumInScotland Thu 28-Aug-08 10:35:31

They have to give you a refund if it's faulty, even if this one was a replacement for the other one - you have the same rights with a replacement as you do when you buy it directly. As you say, it sounds like there's a fault in the whole batch of fabric!

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