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car bootsale or ebay? which is best?

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Bronte Thu 28-Aug-08 08:19:28

We've had loads of stuff in storage since moving house 10 months ago. Complete novices to car boot sales, price to ask for stuff etc. Partner has always gone down the ebay route. Thanks for any advice.

Gobbledigook Thu 28-Aug-08 08:21:49

Ebay - you get more for your stuff on ebay, definitely. People expect things for £1 or £2 at car boots.

medogsarebarking Thu 28-Aug-08 08:27:43

I think it depends on what you want to sell. I find books don't sell well on ebay, but videos, DVDs, all sorts of other things do.

I'd go through your stuff and check on ebay for similar stuff - whether it's selling and how much for etc...

List what you think is worth it, do a couple of car boots for the rest, and then bung the remainder to charity.

Bronte Thu 28-Aug-08 13:05:01

Thanks for your advice..ebay sounds to be the best option.

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