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How often is it reasonable to redecorate??

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shortcake Fri 18-Feb-05 19:43:18

I feel like a change to our bedroom but we only moved into our house 4 years ago and although we would do the painting ourselves at say £50 , a new duvet cover and curtains would push up the bill. I don't want to be materialistic. How often do you think it is reasonable to redecorate a room??

ImuststopdrinkingBlossomhill Fri 18-Feb-05 19:44:31

I think they need doing at least every 4 if not 3 years. We have now done all of our rooms (moved in 4 years ago) and the ones we did first are beginning to look tatty.

purpleturtle Fri 18-Feb-05 19:45:58

I think after 4 years it's reasonable to redecorate. If you go for neutral-ish duvet cover /curtains that might keep costs down next time!

shortcake Fri 18-Feb-05 19:46:34

But is buying new stuff very extravagent???

trefusis Fri 18-Feb-05 19:47:41

Message withdrawn

purpleturtle Fri 18-Feb-05 19:48:39

We bought a new duvet cover in last year's January sales, and it cost £50 half price. Then there were sheets, pillowcases to go with it, and a pair of cheap curtains. Well over £100 easily. Not that that is a huge amount of money in the overall scheme of things, but if you have to consider whether you actually need them, rather than just fancy a change, it's easy to talk yourself out of it.

trefusis Fri 18-Feb-05 19:49:25

Message withdrawn

emmatmg Fri 18-Feb-05 19:50:59

If you were my Mum you would be continually decorating.

It's like the Severn Bridge in her house, by the time she's finished she starts the whole thing gain.
She goes through the whole house, a room at a time and by the time she's done them all she's ready to change the first one again. 18-24 months is about the time scale she works at!

She's MAD!

shortcake Fri 18-Feb-05 19:52:06

No - I wouldn't be getting carpet or furniture - just a Laura Ashley duvet cover!!!!!!

misdee Fri 18-Feb-05 20:42:08

my mum redecorates a room each year it seems. i want to re-do the girls bedroom this year as w ejust painted it pinkwhen we moved in in august,and i want to do it upal girly etc for them with new beds wardrobe etc.

doggiewalker Fri 18-Feb-05 20:44:16

We;ve just redecorated two bedrooms after 4 years, I don't think that's too often at all. Mind you the cost has been more than expected cos I needed new curtains and a new curtain pole, and am also getting a blackout blind. Sure you can do it a lot cheaper though, it's a good idea to stick to the neutral colours so you can use them next time you decorate. Luckily my exisiting duvet covers still match the new paintwork.

SofiaAmes Fri 18-Feb-05 21:43:41

As often as your soul needs it!!!! You have to look at that bedroom everyday. If it's not giving you peace and sweet dreams you MUST redecorate.

(did I mention that I'm an's actually a second career for me...took it up because I was redecorating all the time).

Fran1 Fri 18-Feb-05 22:09:28

Not extravagant at all!! I'd say essential for bedroom maintenance

starlover Fri 18-Feb-05 22:42:35

shortcake... if you have the money, and you want the bedding then go for it! especially if you're only spending £50 on painting.
allders have some lovely duvet covers and things, and it's all in the sale as they've just gone bust!
life is too short to go without the things you want in my opinion.

MancMum Sat 19-Feb-05 16:13:35

I think you decorate when it needs it -- so our hall stairs and landing is about to be done for the 3rd time in 7 years as it gets a lot of traffic -- the lounge has been done same number of times but rest of house has been done once...

I think bedrooms are important sancruaries so would make more of an effort there -- new bed lines is a real luxury -- and not that expensive when you think of it on a cost per day basis... I love getting into bed with egyptian cotton sheets - they were expensive but will last for years and I still get a kick out the feel of them...sad but true!

Furball Sat 19-Feb-05 20:35:56

I'm thinking exactly the same as you shortcake at the moment. We've been in our house for four years and I too am in need of changing the colours in the bedroom. Dh doesn't agree, but then he's probably going to be the one holding the paint roller...... It's looking abit 'old hat' and the curtains have faded in the sunshine, so look awful. So I'd say go for it, you can get really cheap deals on bedding at places like Argos or Index where they do 2 for 1 on the duvet covers, what a bargain!!

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