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Pamina Wed 04-Apr-01 10:42:20

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Marina Wed 04-Apr-01 13:14:09

Pamina, there are some lovely poems written by William Blake in the sequence "Songs of Innocence". It's serious, intense stuff rather than lighthearted and modern, but of course that depends what you're looking for. An example, from "Cradle Song":

Sweet smiles in the night
Hover over my delight;
Sweet smiles, Mother's smiles,
All the livelong night beguiles

Sleep, sleep, happy child,
All creation slept and smiled

All of which sounds fairly appropriate for Phoebe!

I agree with you about the awful cards - there really isn't much choice out there. I felt superstitious about buying them beforehand and too zonked to go further than our dodgy corner shop thereafter, with predictable aesthetic consequences.

Tigermoth Thu 05-Apr-01 09:52:19

How about looking up the definition of the name 'Phoebe' in a few baby name books and using a suitable phrase from this as the basis of her birth announcement message?

Not easy though, is it?

Hmonty Thu 05-Apr-01 15:53:19

I know I'm a bit late, but congratulations!

My thought is that you could cheat and just scan in a photo of Phoebe and add the birth details below. Easy option! I'm very impressed that you're trying to create your own. I know I didn't have the energy after my boys were born and also ended up with the dodgy 'local postoffice' variety!

One thing we did do which I was quite pleased with, was to keep a copy of the Times from the day they were both born. I have these safely stashed away for when they're older. We also keep copying of papers from historic dates during their life ie the eclipse, the first day of the new millenium etc.

Kate71 Thu 05-Apr-01 19:17:25

Pamina, congratulations.
My husband did as Hmonty suggested and scanned in a lovely 'photo of our daughter, it was really effective and very personal.

Ems Thu 19-Apr-01 12:43:15

Hi Pamina, haven't heard from you for a while. Hope you and baby Phoebe are getting on OK.

Eulalia Thu 19-Apr-01 18:50:11

Congratulations Pamina! What a lovely name. When was the big day?

We didn't do a formal birth announcement - just an amusing email and hubbie phoned as well.

I did do a poem for my son's first birthday which was in 2 parts - the day of his birth and the year which had followed. Talking about his birth I mentioned the roses that were blooming in the garden, the dawn (he was born at 4.20 am) and the summer in general. However it is not easy to be creative with a newborn but I think it is nice to talk about something specific to your child and the circumstances.

I did do a search on the Internet and found some sites with poems, some good, some a bit slushy but they can give you ideas for your own poems. I don't have any specific addresses but if you type in key words you should find what you want.

Pamina Fri 20-Apr-01 14:43:43

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Ems Fri 20-Apr-01 17:17:02

Wobbly lines are trendy Pamina, infact don't cut, just tear, and that is even trendier! Glad you're well.

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