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If anyone doesn't know the 'potential new relationship' thread is KateandtheGirls

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Twiglett Fri 18-Feb-05 10:14:27

SoupDragon Fri 18-Feb-05 10:15:28


We need to get lives of our own don't we?

suzywong Fri 18-Feb-05 10:22:30


good for her

Gobbledigook Fri 18-Feb-05 10:32:33

Is it?! Oooh, I'll have a nose at that then!!

nasa Fri 18-Feb-05 10:33:51

ooo, I didn't know that, hadn't looked at it - how exciting

KateandtheGirls Fri 18-Feb-05 10:37:17

Twiglett, you're funny.

Twiglett Fri 18-Feb-05 17:05:48


SoupDragon Fri 18-Feb-05 17:13:17

HOw are your tits, Twiglett?

Twiglett Fri 18-Feb-05 20:43:28

about to be soaked in badedas .. thanks for asking Soupy

doggiewalker Fri 18-Feb-05 20:46:12

Wher is it?

Twiglett Fri 18-Feb-05 20:47:13

under relationships .. which is why the heads up, cos lots of people don't look there normally

doggiewalker Fri 18-Feb-05 20:52:53

Alreayd looked under there but can't see it being a bit slow I think. It's al the tia maria that wk has been serving me at the bar.

wobblyknicks Fri 18-Feb-05 20:54:53

You've only had the one you lightweight!!!!

littlemissbossy Fri 18-Feb-05 20:57:13

I can't find Kate's thread either??

serenequeen Fri 18-Feb-05 20:57:39

hey kate!

hope it is everything you want/hope for/need right now.

all the best, sqxxx

doggiewalker Fri 18-Feb-05 20:57:46

Yeh one bottle.

MarsLady Fri 18-Feb-05 20:57:56

me either

KateandtheGirls Fri 18-Feb-05 20:58:03

Are you girls talking about me?

Here it is.

doggiewalker Fri 18-Feb-05 20:58:33

Actually wk I really AM drinking Tia Maria! but not by the bottle, honest.

MarsLady Fri 18-Feb-05 21:01:14

how wonderful for you Kate. Wishing nothing but happiness Hope it works out!

doggiewalker Fri 18-Feb-05 21:02:16

Good for you Kate. It was fun reading the thread. Thanks for linking.

wobblyknicks Fri 18-Feb-05 21:02:25

Ah right dw, that's the dangerous bit - RL drinking!!!

doggiewalker Fri 18-Feb-05 21:04:43

When you see my typing looking like Coddy's that's when you needto worry. Opps there you go.

littlemissbossy Fri 18-Feb-05 21:06:35

OMG KATE!!! Wow, how exciting
and PMSL at the shopping list of milk, bread and condoms!!
When is he arriving? (lol avoided the word coming)

doggiewalker Fri 18-Feb-05 21:07:42


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