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Can you find me a sahm uniform I can buy online? Thanks!

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WideWebWitch Fri 18-Feb-05 09:28:20

Well, not a uniform but I want to buy 2 skirts that will be:

1. Hardwearing and wash well. I am covered in snot, dribble, drool and food all day atm
2. Cover up ish or as flattering as possible on someone who is trying to lose her lardy arse, hips and stomach. Will anything hold in my tummy?
3. Cheapish, (under £50) since I will lose more weight and I don't want to spend much money on something that will be chucked in 3 months when I lose weight and/or go back to work
4. Not too frumpy. Clearly they don't have to be the height of fashion though
5. Can be bought online and returned if I look crap in them, I hate shopping at best of times but especially when I'm fat

I can buy normal sizes, i.e. it doesn't have to be an outsize shop or whatever they're called these days! I am thinking of long cord/denim skirts but are these all going to be hideous? I also have boots that I live in atm and they are mid calf length so that's why I'm thinking longish skirts. I also need a couple of tops to see me through the next couple of months. Any suggestions welcome. TIA.

WideWebWitch Fri 18-Feb-05 09:28:52

That's £50 each btw

fairyfly Fri 18-Feb-05 09:38:14

Loads of skirts at M & S this and this for instance, no idea what you go for, any more clues into your taste?

MrsWobble Fri 18-Feb-05 09:40:04

have you tried La Redoute? Quality can be variable but you can send it back. I have a really nice long denim skirt from there.

JoolsToo Fri 18-Feb-05 09:40:50

why don't you try this it should cover every eventuality

SueW Fri 18-Feb-05 09:41:10

La redoute have a long panelled denim skirt but links only take you to the main page. Seach using denim skirt; it's number 16 when I do it. Only £21.

SueW Fri 18-Feb-05 09:44:00

fairyfly I love that red skirt from M&S but I bet it has those horrible 'unfinished' seams

KateandtheGirls Fri 18-Feb-05 09:44:37

Impressed that you see skirts as a SAHM uniform! I feel dressed up if I'm wearing jeans instead of sweats!

TracyK Fri 18-Feb-05 09:45:40

don't go for black - it shows up snot like a snail trail.
I usually have a sweatshirt over my normal top so that I take it off before I go out in public.
I'm sure housecoats will make a comeback soon!

fairyfly Fri 18-Feb-05 09:46:18

No sweats on Saturday i hope katg

emmatmg Fri 18-Feb-05 09:46:21

Ditto KATG.

I'm still in my PJ's here and have recently bought some nice ones so that I don't have to get dressed so urgently at weekends etc.

Cod Fri 18-Feb-05 09:47:27

Message withdrawn

KateandtheGirls Fri 18-Feb-05 09:51:39

God knows what I'm going to wear on Saturday! If only I could find something that makes me look 40 pounds lighter, but as you said FF he is well aware of what I look like.

scampadoodle Fri 18-Feb-05 09:57:31

ROFL, Cod!
& now I have kids I understand why our mothers' generation wore housecoats!

snafu Fri 18-Feb-05 10:02:46

I hope that's wipe-clean, cod

WideWebWitch Fri 18-Feb-05 12:00:43

Oooh, ff, skirt 1 in your link looks good, I'd look like a carthorse in skirt 2 though! Thank you for all the industrial workwear suggestions, ha ha. I do wear a LOT of black and constantly look like a snail has spent a lot of time on my shoulder and tits. I will look at La Redoubte too. Thanks. Any other suggestions welcome.

CountessDracula Fri 18-Feb-05 12:05:42

Monsoon do some fabby skirts this season


I bought the tamsin denim one recently it is v v nice, comes just below the knee and looks great with long boots.

Also bought a really lovely one from Jigsaw yesterday, A lineish brown cord, gorg. Not online though.

CountessDracula Fri 18-Feb-05 12:06:14

sorry link didn't work here it is

Freckle Fri 18-Feb-05 12:07:15

Have you done a search on ebay? I buy loads of clothes on there at the moment, as I'm losing weight and resent spending loads on clothes I'll only wear for a short time. I always search for brand new and have masses of bargains.

FineFigureFio Fri 18-Feb-05 12:09:05

if you can bear going out the house I would recomend george at asda, tesco and new look sales

Issymum Fri 18-Feb-05 12:11:41

What about this one from Next?

It's the panelled denim skirt on the bottom right hand corner of the page. I got something similar from Per Una this winter (heavier faded black denim) and it was very practical and extremely flattering.

BTW why are all the models standing with their stomachs stuck out? Is it just to prove that they haven't got one?

WideWebWitch Fri 18-Feb-05 12:13:38

Ooh, that Next one is exactly the thing I have in mind. I'm going to Sainsbury's in a minute so might look there too.

WideWebWitch Fri 18-Feb-05 12:15:04

And some of those Monsoon skirts look good too, thanks!

WideWebWitch Fri 18-Feb-05 12:22:38

I've bought a chocolate cord one from Monsoon but can't buy from Next unless I want a directory, which I don't, but I like that denim skirt so any other suggestions about where I could get one like it would be good. Ta.

Issymum Fri 18-Feb-05 12:27:02

"that Next one is exactly the thing I have in mind"

Excellent, I'll give up my current job and become a personal shopper - much more fun

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