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popularity at school

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tireless Fri 07-Feb-03 19:10:44

Has anybody else had any experience of their child not being particulaly popular at school? My dd is 6 (august birthday)she is reasonably bright and dresses/looks pretty much like every other girl in her class. Yet for some reason she rarely gets invited to parties or for tea at any bodys house. She invites lots of different girls round after school but hasn't received many offers back.
So far this hasn't been a major issue for her in fact i am really trying to prepare myself for what to say when she starts to question it more deeply. Today she had a few tears because she was the only girl on her table not invited to another girls make over party, however she hasn't mentioned it again this evening while i continue to ponder over the possible reasons for excluding her.
Has anybody else experienced anything similar, i am on "hello" terms with all the mothers of these girls but don't really feel as if i want to approach them about it because their daughters aren't actually doing anything wrong! hope somebody else can relate to this

Tortington Fri 07-Feb-03 22:36:02

am sorry for your daughter it makes you cry when they get left out doesnt it. my daughter hasnt been left out or dismissed which i think is prolly more hurful than someone outright pushing or name calling - which is what happes to my daughter. luckily my daughter is nothing like me and fights back although the experience upsets her.

got to say ........make over parties at 6 years old - is this not strange? shouldnt they just compare barby accessories at the very worst at that age.

i told my daughter to get rid of her friends and get new ones cos the tears at home were makin me upset and i was minutes away from going round to a 9 year olds house and punchin her lights out.
daughter made new friends - to save her mummy from going to court for punching minors!

ks Fri 07-Feb-03 23:02:20

Message withdrawn

WideWebWitch Fri 07-Feb-03 23:06:42

tireless, this must be heartbreaking. I don't have any good advice except I do think the other mothers are being quite rude not to return the invitations! I agree, 6 does sound young for a make over party, blimey! Can't think of anything to suggest except keep being nice and inviting dd's friends and hope they are shamed into reciprocating. I hope someone has some more constructive advice and experience to offer. Custardo, you do make me laugh! You're hard as nails, you

Tinker Fri 07-Feb-03 23:28:26

tireless - agree that makeover parties at 6 are a bit iffy. But, do the other mothers work? Am only asking because I 'owe' a few tea invitations and I just find them really hard to fit in. The mother's of my daughter's friend work p/t or not at all and will take the kids from school. I can't do this, plus am knackered/need to go to the shops after work/need 3 weeks notice to tidy the house etc that just the logistics of returning tea invites means I am behind.

Girls are cliquey though, within a minute of walking into school the other day, my daughter announced that x wasn't her friend anymore!!!!!!

Hope it sorts itself out and at least your little girl doesn't seem to notice.

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