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Is there a direct link between the state of your house and your state of mind?

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clairabelle Thu 17-Feb-05 18:16:46

Since Christmas I have been so low to the point of thinking I needed to go the GPs and the housework was just getting completely out of hand the house was tidyish but not organised IYKWIM however today MIL has had the children for an hour and a half and I have blitzed the house and feel a thousand times better. There's something to be said for tidy house tidy mind

Cod Thu 17-Feb-05 18:17:01

Message withdrawn

clairabelle Thu 17-Feb-05 18:19:05

Now I knew you would say that!

Amanda3266 Thu 17-Feb-05 18:20:03

Oh I quite agree - the trouble is I never quite get there either. I feel a million times better when it's clean, tidy and organised. However, while it is passably clean the other two factors rarely occur at the same time.

Best thing of all is when I visit parents (I'm a HV) and they say
"Excuse the mess" and I can truthfully answer - "you want to see my place - in comparison this looks great"

Would just love to know how parents with two or more children do it. I can't manage it with one child - and it was only passably better before.

But to get back to the original post - yes - it does make you feel so much better when things are tidy - I think because you feel on top of things


highlander Thu 17-Feb-05 18:20:25

DH is bemused that I find housework very cathartic these days. Being stuck with the baby all day, it's soooo nice to actually achieve something.

clairabelle Thu 17-Feb-05 18:21:11

Mandy I'm a nurse it must be a cring profession thing

clairabelle Thu 17-Feb-05 18:21:24

should be 'caring'

Amanda3266 Thu 17-Feb-05 18:23:00

I used to say I was too tired after working on the wards all day. I don't have that excuse now - but I am tired after running round after a toddler all day and by evening when I have time to tidy and organise all I want to do is flop. No stamina. Still - at least it means I don't judge anyone else.

KateandtheGirls Thu 17-Feb-05 18:23:18

Absolutely there is with me. If I'm feeling low the last thing I care about is how my house looks (which actually makes me feel worse).

WigWamBam Thu 17-Feb-05 18:26:46

All I can say is that my mind must be in a terrible, terrible muddle.

wilbur Thu 17-Feb-05 18:26:51

Oh yes, definitely. I am currently waging a campaign to keep my dining table clear of crap - it's the first thing you see when you come into the house from the hallway and so is a dumping ground for STUFF. When it is clear and there's a just a pant on it, I feel about a million times better. Shame the rest of the family don't share my small joy.

wilbur Thu 17-Feb-05 18:28:15

That should say "plant on it". I haven't yet sunk to the point of keeping my pants on the dining table, although with baby 3 on the way, that time may yet come.

clairabelle Thu 17-Feb-05 18:30:01

I liked the idea of pants on the table gives a carefree feel to the home LOL

ggglimpopo Thu 17-Feb-05 18:33:37

Message withdrawn

wilbur Thu 17-Feb-05 18:36:38

As long as they're clean pants, clairabelle.

JanH Thu 17-Feb-05 19:19:11

Yes. Both of mine terminally messy.

tamum Thu 17-Feb-05 19:21:40

Blimey I hope not or I'll be waving goodbye to academia .

amynnixmum Thu 17-Feb-05 19:22:15

Definately - and at the moment my house looks like a bombs hit it

Hulababy Thu 17-Feb-05 19:23:04

Definitely. Been so stressed and fed up recently what with sorting out ll the house buying/selling, and work. House is a wreck!

jollymum Thu 17-Feb-05 19:32:59

w£t d[u mee2n? my min&ds just o'k thank u

piffle Thu 17-Feb-05 19:49:36

shit I hope there is no relation...

ThomCat Thu 17-Feb-05 19:50:51

yes absolutley.

prunegirl Thu 17-Feb-05 19:52:49

Message withdrawn

LGJ Thu 17-Feb-05 19:54:01

There must be, I have a cleaner that comes in twice a week and a lovely sense of calm descends on me when my house is tidy.

hoxtonchick Thu 17-Feb-05 19:56:02

definite relationship between the state of the house & whether the cleaner's been....

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