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What image/s would you find calming on the initial page of a website?

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ks Thu 17-Feb-05 17:04:12

Message withdrawn

dramaqueen72 Thu 17-Feb-05 17:12:58

green is calming, pale green even more so.
absolutely NOTHING about dentist is calming however, cant you start with a flower/smooth stone/logo instead? lull them into false sense of calm?

Pinotmum Thu 17-Feb-05 17:14:32

That water sloosh with whirling water would do it for me

fairyfly Thu 17-Feb-05 17:18:10

Have a look through these

SoupDragon Thu 17-Feb-05 17:19:19

Are you talking about those "title" pages that just say "click here to enter the site"? I hate those with a passion...

Twiglett Thu 17-Feb-05 17:21:26

how about a big open mouth and you click on the uvula to enter

wouldn't be calming, but would make me laugh

but in general I'm with Soupy I hate those click to enter / flash intro pages .. just get on with the blinkin' site

desperatehousewife Thu 17-Feb-05 17:22:08

a picture of brad pitt and his lovely pearlers!!

MancMum Thu 17-Feb-05 17:22:21

to make me calm and at ease looking at dentist web site...

for me -- piles of the very strong drugs that would be made available to me!!

Twiglett Thu 17-Feb-05 17:23:25

holy cr@p, why would people do this?

SenoraPostrophe Thu 17-Feb-05 17:23:42

I think it'll be fine as long as there are lots of pics of shiny teeth instead of drills etc. Also don't whatever you do have white text on dark background.

JoolsToo Thu 17-Feb-05 17:24:35

I really don't like body piercings myself but why would anyone want one in their uvula?

SenoraPostrophe Thu 17-Feb-05 17:25:07

PS just saw the title again - no don't have a title page - they just annoy people.

JoolsToo Thu 17-Feb-05 17:26:27

don't you usually click the 'skip intro'? - I do.

SoupDragon Thu 17-Feb-05 17:28:21

It's the having to skip the intro that bugs me and a lot of them are just a page with an inanimate company logo on them saying "click to enter".

<<runs off screaming into the distance>>

galaxy Thu 17-Feb-05 17:28:28

I hate intro pages and always click to skip them if available

SenoraPostrophe Thu 17-Feb-05 17:28:38

Yes, but they still annoy me. They annoy me even if they're not Flash

ks Thu 17-Feb-05 17:29:18

Message withdrawn

ks Thu 17-Feb-05 17:30:55

Message withdrawn

morningpaper Thu 17-Feb-05 17:31:58

Try the stock exchange

Getty images are PRICEY.

ks Thu 17-Feb-05 17:33:20

Message withdrawn

SenoraPostrophe Thu 17-Feb-05 17:37:05

The problem is that it's have to be a really good image as all the images I find calming (landscapes, sky etc) have been done to death on websites and now appear twee.

Actually how about a single cloud in the middle with the writing inside? could look good if done well.

Twiglett Thu 17-Feb-05 17:39:07

ripples on a pond .. supposed to be calming

I like tony stone images myself

fairyfly Thu 17-Feb-05 17:41:42

If you leave out the doves, this kind of image is soothing

ks Thu 17-Feb-05 17:42:04

Message withdrawn

Marina Thu 17-Feb-05 17:42:29

A nice bit of footage of Steve Martin singing "I'll be a dentist" from Little Shop of Horrors wouldn't calm me down but would make me laugh...

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