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Have you seen this wonderful website??

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ks Thu 17-Feb-05 09:02:05

Message withdrawn

serenequeen Thu 17-Feb-05 09:05:46

have you bought anywhere yet, ks?

ks Thu 17-Feb-05 09:10:10

Message withdrawn

marz Thu 17-Feb-05 09:12:52

Thankyou will be held fully responsible for wasting my whole day away now!!!!
absolutely great website!!! how did you discover it??

ks Thu 17-Feb-05 09:26:30

Message withdrawn

FineFigureFio Thu 17-Feb-05 12:11:57

wow ks, thanks for that. i have just found out that my neighbours paid 60k more for their house, which is the same condition as mine - only 6 months after i bought this and theirs was bought at auction

thats made my day

Gwenick Thu 17-Feb-05 12:13:26

Can I recommened this one also mentinoed on the BBC - you do have to register but it's much more 'uptodate' than the nethouse price one

kama Thu 17-Feb-05 12:34:52

Message withdrawn

ks Thu 17-Feb-05 13:10:15

Message withdrawn

Gwenick Thu 17-Feb-05 13:11:52

ks - I compared results from both websites and there were DEFINITELY more details on the one I posted. I just give 'fake' details for those things that require registrations (which is about 90% of website s online these days).

ks Thu 17-Feb-05 13:14:13

Message withdrawn

Twiglett Thu 17-Feb-05 13:15:36

oh that was fun .. found out our neighbours paid more for there house than we did for ours

anchovies Thu 17-Feb-05 13:16:56

What an excellent site! Is everyone elses own details right though? Our house has the wrong year and price?

Gwenick Thu 17-Feb-05 13:29:22

on the one I posted you can see all sales for the last 4yrs at the same time - so you don't have to search each individual year, you can also see the whole street (and neighbouring streets) without knowing the postcode in one go.

ks Thu 17-Feb-05 13:46:42

Message withdrawn

Gwenick Thu 17-Feb-05 13:47:56

I wouldn't pay for the information found one that charged 90p per property BUT it was a minumum purchase of £1.90 so you'd have to pay for at least 3!!!! What a rip off.

SoupDragon Thu 17-Feb-05 16:24:52

Should I be concerned that our house (which we bought 3 years ago) isn't on there?

ks Thu 17-Feb-05 16:43:46

Message withdrawn

nikkim Thu 17-Feb-05 17:09:59

Well that has cheered me up, acroos thr road bought their house at the same time as me and they paid 11 grand more!

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