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New Pub Quiz questions

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Fionn Thu 06-Feb-03 18:52:21

Here are some of the questions from the pub quiz I went to last night:


Lyric: You think we look pretty good together...

1 Literature - What's the surname of the "Little Women"?

2 Who narrated Rhubarb and Custard?

3 What number is a hurricane on the Beaufort Scale?

4 Which word can go after FUR, GAL and EYES to make three new words?

5 Who played the first chord at Live Aid?

6 To which country does Guruda Airlines belong?

7 Which was the first country to give women the vote?

8 Who wrote the best selling biography of 2002?

9 Who is the wife of David Guest?

WideWebWitch Thu 06-Feb-03 19:04:27

1 is March
9 is Liza Minelli

WideWebWitch Thu 06-Feb-03 19:06:02

6 Thailand?

Tinker Thu 06-Feb-03 19:07:19

Lyric - Substitute - The Who

5. Status Quo

9. Jamie Lee Curtis

WideWebWitch Thu 06-Feb-03 19:08:49

8 Ulrikaaaa?

Tinker Thu 06-Feb-03 19:10:30

4 - ore

SoupDragon Thu 06-Feb-03 19:14:57

2. Richard Briers
6. Indonesia?
8. Pamela Stephenson about Billy Connolly.

batey Thu 06-Feb-03 19:16:42

2. Bernard Cribbins (?)

batey Thu 06-Feb-03 19:17:56

Oh poo, it was Richard Briers! I'm never any good at these!!!

Tinker Thu 06-Feb-03 19:22:07

Anagram - Catchphrase

whellid Thu 06-Feb-03 19:31:59

7 - New Zealand ?

bossykate Thu 06-Feb-03 19:42:40

have not looked anyone else's answers, honest!
1. March
2. Richard Briers
3. 10
4. Ore
6. Indonesia
7. New Zealand
8. Roy Jenkins
9. ... the word "Marilyn" is occurring to me with this but i can't for the life of me think why...

thanks fionn

bossykate Thu 06-Feb-03 19:44:10

oh, have got some wrong, but for once think i know the lyric, is it "substitute" by the who?

Fionn Thu 06-Feb-03 19:54:34

Yes the lyric is "Substitute" - great song! I got that one but never know it when it's something from Pop Idols. And I was only 1 when it came out I think!

janh Thu 06-Feb-03 19:54:51

Tinker, am v impressed with your ORE!!!!

I thought 3 might be 12?

Did get Substitute and Liza Minelli but nothing else.

Marina Thu 06-Feb-03 19:56:43

1 March
2 Richard Briers
3 12
5 Status Quo
6 Indonesia
7 NZ
9 Liza Minnelli

Fionn Thu 06-Feb-03 20:01:42

For fun anyone want to guess (no Googling!) in what year the enlightened New Zealanders gave women the vote?

slug Thu 06-Feb-03 20:18:27

Right, as a Kiwi, I definitly know number 7 is New Zealand, and I don't let people forget it (Just like England in the 50's...HA!) 1870 something
6. Indonesia
9. Liza Minelli

Tinker Thu 06-Feb-03 22:46:14

damn! Jamie Lee Curtis is married to Christopher Guest, I think, was in Spinal Tap. Aargh, what were the names of the characters????

Marina Fri 07-Feb-03 10:32:44

Derek Smalls, Nigel Tufnell and David St Hubbins (and assorted short-lived drummers) Tinker! I love that film so much.

Fionn Fri 07-Feb-03 21:30:57


1 March
2 Richard Briers
3 12
5 Status Quo
6 Indonesia
7 NZ (in 1893)
8 Pamela Stephenson
9 Liza Minnelli

well done everyone especially Tinker - you're very quick with words!

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