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ive been blocked on msn

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wow Wed 16-Feb-05 22:05:07

my friend has blocked me on msn but i dont know why and dont no how to deal with it

fairyfly Wed 16-Feb-05 22:06:33

is your friend a mumsnetter, have you changed your name?

Socci Wed 16-Feb-05 22:06:40

Message withdrawn

pixiefish Wed 16-Feb-05 22:06:50

maybe she's busy. i block my dh sometimes if i've got something to be getting on with and i know he's going to maither me. i block him before he gets a chance to talk. How do you know she's blocked you? she could be offline

wow Wed 16-Feb-05 22:07:39

i no cos my other friend was on and she told me

Ronniebaby Wed 16-Feb-05 22:08:02

Blocking means you cant see them logging on

Ronniebaby Wed 16-Feb-05 22:08:32

Bit un fair, but have you upset her???

or are you being paranoid

bogbrush Wed 16-Feb-05 22:09:48

how would you know though?

Socci Wed 16-Feb-05 22:10:20

Message withdrawn

secur Wed 16-Feb-05 22:11:02

Message withdrawn

Ronniebaby Wed 16-Feb-05 22:11:18

Bog brush you dont that's the idea

You dont want them to know you're on.

But if you chat with others they can tell you if they havent been blocked

Gwenick Wed 16-Feb-05 22:11:52

thing is you can also just do a 'general' thing sthat 'shows' you as being offline when you're actually online IYKWIM

Ronniebaby Wed 16-Feb-05 22:12:11

Secur if she is blocked she wont know the friend is on

wow Wed 16-Feb-05 22:12:47

my friend said that she was on but wasnt on my list as online

secur Wed 16-Feb-05 22:13:18

Message withdrawn

Ronniebaby Wed 16-Feb-05 22:13:45

what wow is sayin is that she knows from anther MSN'er that her friend is on, but her friend doesnt appear on her MSN

Its not something you do accidently, well maybe if you dont have good mouse control

You right click in the name and go down to block

wow Wed 16-Feb-05 22:14:13

no i havnt spoke to her about it

Ronniebaby Wed 16-Feb-05 22:14:19

Ooops soz secur

Tinker Wed 16-Feb-05 22:14:47

Can't you check if you have been added to her list?

wow Wed 16-Feb-05 22:15:56

we used to speak a lot but i noticed today that shes not online

pixiefish Wed 16-Feb-05 22:16:07

send her an email asking how she is and that she hasn't been on msn much recently. act all innocent and you may get to the bottom of it

Ronniebaby Wed 16-Feb-05 22:16:52

pixie what an excellent idea, I hadnt thought of that, baby brain

secur Wed 16-Feb-05 22:16:53

Message withdrawn

Socci Wed 16-Feb-05 22:17:05

Message withdrawn

Ronniebaby Wed 16-Feb-05 22:18:17

DS2 in crying (8 weeks old) so better go.

Wow I hope you resolve this

Catch you soon x

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