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Ooooh moral dilemma - what would you do?

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MadreInglese Thu 21-Aug-08 13:25:34

I have booked a couple of rooms in a swanky overpriced-but-very-nice hotel for a weekend city break for a few of us sans enfants in a couple of weeks, something we've wanted to do for ages.

I managed to get the rate down from the original quote, they couldn't reduce the 2nd night but have reduced the rate for the 1st night quite a lot for us.

Some dizzy girl kept sending confirmations to my email for the wrong dates, then the wrong names, and other cock ups. Eventually she has sent what she says are the final confirmations and she hopes all the problems are sorted.

The final confirmations have the same cheaper rate for the 1st and 2nd nights, making the cost of the whole stay half of the original quote before we bargained it down.

Should we say nothing and turn up with these latest confirmations and pay the lower rate? (conscience is niggling that this poor dizzy girl will get a bollocking for the mistake)

What would you do?

electra Thu 21-Aug-08 13:34:10

Well.....I don't think it is the same as being given too much change in a shop iyswim. The prices of these things are always negotiable - no two people ever seem to pay the same price for a holiday for example...

On that basis you don't know for certain it's a mistake. So I don't think you would be very wrong for leaving it as it is. That's just my view.

charliecat Thu 21-Aug-08 13:35:12

I would just leave it and tke means to pay the difference

Dragonbutter Thu 21-Aug-08 13:36:07

don't do anything, just enjoy your break.

missorinoco Thu 21-Aug-08 13:37:25

i agree. it's not like being given too much change. rates are negotiable, and often come down nearer the time.

take the spare cash to cover the difference without embarrassment, but if they don't ask, don't offer it.

MadreInglese Thu 21-Aug-08 13:37:53

Oooh you're all wicked grin

tokentotty Thu 21-Aug-08 13:38:59

Say nothing. It's Karma telling you that you deserve it wink

MadreInglese Thu 21-Aug-08 13:54:27

Well that's fairly unanimous! Thanks for easing my conscience smile

stealthsquiggle Thu 21-Aug-08 14:06:21

Say nothing. All prices are negotiable and their confirmation is a binding quote, IMHO.

Heated Thu 21-Aug-08 14:07:49

The computer clearly says 'yes' - enjoy your break.

tiredemma Thu 21-Aug-08 14:08:29

Now you have to tell us where this swanky place is. Im intruiged!

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